The Report Card Fiasco

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   Yes. I got my report card. And yes, it sucked.
   And in the words of one of my favorite characters from TV, I was attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis. Simply put, I was screwed.
   If you know me well, you'd know that I'm always stuck up between two things. And they needn't be good and bad, always. And I've got two very different thinkers residing inside me, and both of them didn't leave a single opportunity to speak up, and of course, engage in a fist-less duel. Here, it was between the right brain and the left brain; the rationalist and the dreamer; the engineer and the poet. And so started the battle of the brains that would eventually end up making me crazy.   

   God, look at your grades! What the fuck have you been doing for so long!?   
   Dude, CHILL! It's not like the world has ended!
   Chill!? CHILL!? You think it's the time to chill!? Don't you know its the fucking tenth grade and you need to fucking score!? Do you not realize that this is the time to forget everything else and just STUDY!? 
   Whoa, dude, cool down there! If you spend all your time studying, what will happen to all the riffs you have playing in your head? And look around you, fool! There are so many kids who have scored lesser than you. Stop cursing yourself already!
   Haha, yeah! Take a look around you and you'll see there are many more people who have scored MORE than you have. And if you haven't already, start cursing yourself now. You're nothing better than an underachiever, and you always will be.
   Stop sulking like little babies! For lord's sake you scored a 75 out of 80 in Maths! Just fucking stop wailing!

   And this went on for a considerable amount of time, after which I started listening to music and that just put an abrupt end to this brain fight. I don't know if I've said this before, but music has the power to change. While I was listening to Slash's Snakepit, the voices in my head went, "Aaah! Fuck the world, this is the shit!" And then when I was listening to Wolfmother, the voices in my head stopped speaking and started jumping, thereby making me headbang. And then I heard Iron Maiden's Trooper, which seemed sorta befitting to this whole situation.
   I overthink things to a huge extent, and therefore, it shall come off as no surprise that I over-thought the repercussions that this particular report card might have on my life. There seems to some exuberant otherworldly force that just makes my throat swell up and gives me minimal goosebumps whenever I come to think of what might happen to me in the coming decade. But I do know this: I am not gonna waste this time screwing around with things. I'm gonna study as much I can and if what I'm gonna score is shit, then I'm just gonna have to accept it. And if I can't be a nerd, which I anyway don't wanna be, I might as well just be hard working.

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