The Perfect Date

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The Perfect Date

Every day I stand outside your gate
With much intent to see if fate
Has something in store so that we
May get to each others’ faces see.
I know all the flowers by heart
That stand tall on your balustrade;
With a flower too, I’d make my start
If only the gate did not forbade.

But I know that this hope is vain
And inferior, and profane;
And I wish you understand this, dear
What holds me back is only fear,
And so I want to count on fate
To get this wanton wait to stop:
I’ll know it’s not early, nor too late
When you run into me at a shop.

Then I’ll have nothing to complain,
And my fear will have been in vain:
I do believe destiny’s might
Can make a little something alright.
Then I won't stand outside your gate,
Knowing already that fate
Set us up for the perfect date
For which both of us had to wait.


Hope you guys had a fun Valentine's Day. 
I fantasized about a guitar that I'm going to buy, so I was all set. And then of course, I played the one I currently own for quite a while, 
knowing I should be studying. 

Guilty indulgences, I tell you, are a way of life.

Wish me luck for the Boards, which I just might end up bombing! :D