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   When tenth grade is drawing to a close, and you happen to be an aspiring engineer(or a forced-into-aspiring engineer), you'll find yourself taking the scholarship tests of various IITJEE coaching centres, or whatever it is that they are called.
   Selecting which centre to opt for the next two years is almost like selecting which school to enroll in. Only this time, peeing in your pants wouldn't be an acceptable innocent childhood act. 
    I'm pretty sure that by the end of the ninth grade I hated most living engineers and wanted to be a humanities student. Something happened. And now I'm thinking I should read more about vectors. Something definitely happened...

Brilliant Tutorials!

Projected National Rank: AROUND 30000
Achievement: ABOVE AVERAGE
Analytical Ability: ABOVE AVERAGE

   If I tell you now that I hadn't studied for the test and hence didn't get marks up to my expectations, I wouldn't be lying to you.
   I didn't study for the test really -  that's the true part.
   I didn't get marks up to my expectations - this was the first all objective test I took that had negative marking. So when I'd ended up with 100-something out of 300-something, I was plenty surprised. And pissed.
   But then the guys at Brilliant told me through virtual means that my overall achievement was above average. So I came to the conclusion that... well, the people who ranked below me were all dumbheads and doofi(plural of doofus).
   Nevermind the virtual result. This was the only test that put forward the observation that my ability and aptitude were both satisfactory, which was contrary to what I'd felt.
   No scholarship, too.
   Then happened the FIITJEE test.


Your performance in FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam can be rated fair and you have secured a Rank 12,271 in FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam held on 26th December, 2010. On the basis of your performance in FTRE, you have been awarded 25% Fee Waivers.
   Judging by the fact that the day before the test was Christmas, and that I'd ditched around 40 questions out of the total 60 in Physics and Chemistry, I'd say this one was more than a pleasant surprise.
    I remember being pissed at the FIITJEE faculty for giving half an hour for just filling up the OMR sheet. I mean, freakin' Jesus, we're in the tenth grade and have spent a considerable amount of time in kindergarten filling shapes with colors(taking care that the colors didn't 'go outside' the shapes).
   To be honest, when I was filling the OMR sheet for the PCM exam, I almost fell asleep. I started writing a song on my admit card, too. And during the last half hour of the exam I revisited my kindergarten days by carefully rubbing out any amount of 'pencil' that went outside those little bubbles. Or by erasing the bubble wholly and then refilling them. It was fun. Honestly. More fun than attempting brain-screwing Physics, Chemistry and Maths questions to say the least.
   25% scholarship and a rank of 12,271 for a doofus like me? 
   Haha. Life sure is ironical.
   And then happened the VMC admission test.


On the basis of your performance in the Admission Test, you have been selected for our Classroom course (ECC) for IITJEE - 2013. Your counseling and admission confirmation date is 22nd January (Slot for students securing ranks from 1 to 400 in Classroom course (ECC) Merit List)
    Did I mention life is ironical? Might've. 
    Here's a conversation I had with my friend Anurag right after the test got over.
 Anurag: How many questions did you attempt out of 56?
 Me: Around 30, I guess...
 Anurag: Me too. Any chances of being selected?
 Me: Haha. No man, not at all. Yours?
 Anurag: Naaaaaaaah.
   If I hadn't gotten selected for VMC, I'd have called Anurag a loser for getting selected. Which he did.
   Frankly speaking, I never expected this to happen. When you're too busy expecting shit, you don't take time out for expecting anything good. So when this happened, I was shocked, freaked, flabbergasted and pretty much everything in between.
   And on 22nd dad went and paid 66k to the VMC guys. And I got admitted in the Pitampura centre. Which is ironical because by the time my other friends reached the centre, the Pitampura batches were full. No joke.
   Now If I were to tell you that I'm not happy about all this happening, I would definitely  be lying. I mean, getting selected for VMC + Something in first 400 ranks + Pitampura Centre  ≠  Sadness.
   Admissions for the Pitampura centre got closed within two hours of them starting. And I got in. Damn.
   It's surreal. Unreal. Etheral. Everything that isn't real. I hadn't ever seen this coming. 
   It's like God made a mistake. As if it should've been somebody else in my place and not me.
   All that emotional crap aside, I'm pretty determined to do something in the following two years. Academically speaking.
   I guess I've been given this opportunity and I'll try and make as much of it as I can.
   Plus, metro rides should be fun, owing to my ever-expanding music library thanks to people who listen to genres as varied as species of micro-organisms(and tell me).
    So there.
    But before I end this post, I'd like to mention the fact that I'm grateful to AVTE for not only teaching me, but making me love subjects I've hated for so long. I didn't take up science in 9th, only Maths. And the one year that I've studied science and two years that I've studied Maths have been the best years academically. And thanks to them, I love Maths and Science. Maths more than science, but that's just personal preference.
    AVTE has been the very essence of my academic being. Without it, I wouldn't have had the little knowledge that I do have at this very day. And it doesn't matter if I'm studying entrance at VMC or wherever, because if not for them, it wouldn't have happened in the first place.
   Thank you Vipin Sir and Manmeet Ma'am.
   I'll never be able to gain from anybody what I've gained from you.

And here's to looking forward to two academic years filled with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and one hour long metro rides. :D

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