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Let's not hold on to ourselves.

Let's break away and taste the sun with our bare hands;
Break free of each other and flash a smile to Death as it passes by.

Let's live and regret, and cry.
If stars die, why shouldn't we?
The stars that dot the evening clouds on the periphery,
Like pearly white earrings -
If they too dwarf into oblivion,
Why do we have to stay?

Let's not live to see another moment;
Breathe to take another breath.

In the lightest hues of blue, red and green,
Let's become one with the stars.

Under the segueing skies, let's fade away.


We've Only Just Begun

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We've only just begun;
A prelude to the morning sun,
And we will end before the break of day.

But oh - why so soon?

We've only just begun;
The fumbling steps of a child,
And still, we will end before we run.

But oh - why so soon?

We walked with bashful steps,
The pointless meanders, to contented hearts.
Together, we saw the day break.

Entwined between the gaps of our fingers,
Slipped away the sands of time -
Together, we swung close; swum afar.

And you stayed,
Till the primroses grew and the violins played,
And the hourglass had to turn.

And you had to leave, you said
Without reason; I nodded my head
And watched you disappear from my sight,
Your shadow looming over my head.

And as you walked, you turned, 
Just once.

But we've only just begun, hon;
And we will never end.


Fix Me Another Drink

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Fix me another drink,
Another liquid sedative

I cannot worry about life anymore,
Or where it is going...

Fix me another drink,
Another liquid sedative

There's so much to cry about,
And that's when I come to you...

You divine piece of being,
You soothe and you pacify;
Your love warms me inside,
And I melt like butter on corn

You, you divine piece of being,
You elate and you heal;
At times, just a look is enough
To resurrect; bring me back to life

You're the reason life's easier by a tenfold

I'm thirsty now,
So Ma, won't you fix me another drink,
Of my favorite malted milk?


Sing To Me

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Sing to me, the songs of yesterday, 
The harmony of times gone away; years sailed, 
Of memories made, and happiness felt, 
And a sense of goodness that prevailed. 

When we looked out the window, 
The seconds ticked, and butterflies sat on our fingers. 
And now that we've left, 
The seconds still tick, but the butterflies have died. 

It rained once, 
By the serenading river, as we stood and watched. 
But now that we've left, 
The river still runs, but the drops of rain have dried. 

And on the horizon, 
The golden sun sets as we look on, 
From so far away... 

And your voice - 
It still rings in my ears, 
And I won't mind, if you sing to me again... 

Sing to me, the songs of yesterday 
The melodies of candle-lights and mountaintops 
Of serious vanity; an oxymoron called love, 
And of things we'd never wanted to stop. 

Sing to me, the songs of yesterday, 
The melancholy tunes of seasons passed, 
Of memories made, and happiness felt, 
And of things that would never last.