We've Only Just Begun

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We've only just begun;
A prelude to the morning sun,
And we will end before the break of day.

But oh - why so soon?

We've only just begun;
The fumbling steps of a child,
And still, we will end before we run.

But oh - why so soon?

We walked with bashful steps,
The pointless meanders, to contented hearts.
Together, we saw the day break.

Entwined between the gaps of our fingers,
Slipped away the sands of time -
Together, we swung close; swum afar.

And you stayed,
Till the primroses grew and the violins played,
And the hourglass had to turn.

And you had to leave, you said
Without reason; I nodded my head
And watched you disappear from my sight,
Your shadow looming over my head.

And as you walked, you turned, 
Just once.

But we've only just begun, hon;
And we will never end.


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