Cotton Seeds [Fiction 55]

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Cotton seeds
Floating in the wind
Together for a moment...
Then dispersed.

Cotton seeds
Flowing with the wind
A sigh, a gasp...
Then flooded amongst an ocean
A gasp, a sigh
Then left alone, stranded

Cotton seeds
Careless, swift and free
If lying there once...
They needn't forver be

Aren't people just like cotton seeds?


Music And Ramblings

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  I haven’t been doing much these days.
  There were these full course science and maths tests that I gave this week. Maths was pretty good, but I screwed up a few questions. Science was… well, it was a 3 hour test and everybody finished it within 2 hours. I’m hoping above 70 on 80 in both the papers. Chances are, I would get what I want in these papers, but even if I don’t, it wouldn’t kill to hope would it? But then again, considering the fact that I make silly mistakes too often, I guess it's something I won't achieve this time. :/
  Academics aside, I’ve been listening to music too much these days. And I’ve been in a very dejected, antisocial mood and I’ve been talking to only a few people. Apparently no one cares really. Eh, not that I do. I still want to talk to a few friends I really wanted to talk to but I couldn't. Who knows what that was because of?
  I've also been in a very.. uh.. examining mood lately. No, that doesn't have anything to do with exams being right around the corner. No. I was thinking why it's so hard for us to figure out our own faults, when it's easier than anything to find faults in others. I mean, from a mathematical point of view, if you can solve others' questions, you should be able to solve yours, right? Weird. (O_o)
  Okay. Back to music.
  Broken Bells.
  James Mercer from The Shins, and Danger Mouse. Deadly Duo.
  The High Road freaking makes me high. Then there is Vaporize that gets me even higher. And then there's so many more that I freaking love. Sailing To Nowhere[no youtube link! :x] has got the epicest outro I've heard in recent times, and then there is The Ghost Inside which is a falsetto treat. And then I really love Citizen. And yes, October. It's got the simplest riff and structure but the lyrics are freaking great. I love Broken Bells, man. They freaking need to work on another album.
  Ah. Musical Bliss.
  That was more pop inclined. Or alternative. Or... well who cares what the genre is as long as it friggin' gets you high?
  And now...
  Let there be rock! \m/
  Them Crooked Vultures.

  John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin; And Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal; And Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Some supergroup this one's got to be, right?
  No One Loves Me And Neither Do I is a freaking great opener. The album's a blast in itself. My mind gets raped and I have multiple orgasms during the length of one song. Ah. What music, man. What music. Epicness. EPICNESS!
  Elephants, Scumbag Blues, Bandoliers, Reptiles, Caligulove, New Fang... one great song after another.
  Most of the songs of this 13-track debut album by the supergroup are so awesome you'll pee you pants. For sure. If you don't, then maybe you just need to pay more attention to what you're listening. 
  You're mind will be so blown away by the time you're done listening to the album, you'll regret not having heard it for so long 'cuz it's been out since 2009. :D
  So, anyway, I'm gonna have to study hard. Not that I care much, but anyway.
  I'm skipping school like anything. It's boring. But it's fun. How paradoxical. :/  


Burning Meteor [Fiction 55]

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 "So are you really going to leave now?" I asked her, hoping that she wouldn't reply in affirmative.
  But she nodded a yes, incoherently.
  I looked up at the sky and watched in amazement as another burning meteor faded away into the darkness of the night.
  I waved her goodbye.


9th Fiction 55.

Valentine's Day Epiphanies

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  I made myself a cup of green tea today. Vagueness struck me and I decided to put in honey instead of sugar. Then it became so thick and so dark it wasn't green anymore. And it tasted like just honey, only not as thick and somewhat lemony. How sad.
  Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. I hadn't had a Valentine's Day that cool in ages.
  No, I didn't have sex. Or any of the things you do before you have sex.
  I realized, thanks to my peers, that there exist teenagers who have friends they can keep kissing all the time. I mean, there's this chick who literally kisses one of her best male friends even though they're not dating. And she's always posting somewhat sappy and mostly suggestive messages on his facebook wall that clearly show that she's horny for him. Jesus. THAT is what I feel is sad. Talk about OUT OF CONTROL hormones.
  I also realized that there are people in this world who've given up on other people. Not themselves, just other people. When their trust is tossed around and played with like a ball, bad things happen. Things which lead to worse things. It's sad. The insides of their hearts are scathed by words and feelings. They feel so much that they can only contain in themselves. And even though I might feel pity for them, I know I'm just as worse as they are.
  I realized that more than love, people just want other people they can completely trust. And as sad as it sounds, it is true.
  I also realized that no matter how much time you've spent with a person nurturing and developing a relationship, it all goes bust in a moment of rage. Whatever you've established yourself as is nothing but a mirage. It's like they didn't know you for so long even though you were so sure they did...
  I realized that if two people have been hurt enough by others, they'll never trust each other even though there'd be no scientifically plausible reason for them to do so.
  I also realized, and this one came as a shock, that trust gives you the power to break someone. It does, really. Think about it.
  You really didn't think I'll end like that did you?
  Well, freaking whatever man. Shit happens. All the time. Shit is happening even now and some us aren't even bothered.
  Screw bullshit. 
  Listen to killer music. It helps. Always. It's not conditional. ALWAYS.
  Check this out!
  Them Crooked Vultures - No One Loves Me And Neither Do I

  [I know right? The title! Best way ever to end a post on Valentine's Day! xD!!!]

One Devious Lady

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She lowered her glasses and looked at me
A look of confused desire
Her lips curled and her eyebrows did frown...
And she winked.
They'd warned me of her innuendos; 
Yes, they had.

I told her all I could to whatever she'd asked
And she listened with patience
But I stood on the periphery, and she in the center
And balance was all I needed.
They'd warned me this would happen;
Yes, they had.

I did trust her with all my thoughts and feelings;
I let her get too close to hurt me
And she made me cry without breaking my heart
I guess that means something.
They'd warned me of this.
Yes, they had.

And if she's the moon, I know only the brighter side.
The darker one remains concealed.
But somewhere in my mind, an intuition says,
A new moon is approaching. 
But they hadn't warned me of this.
Oh no, they hadn't.

 They couldn't foresee much...
This was one devious lady.


How's that for a Valentine's Day poem? (O_o)

The Postulate Of Change

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  Some friend of mine told me a few days back that he thought I was changing. 
  For the first few minutes, I swear, I was wondering about what change he was referring to. I mean, it'd been a considerable amount of time since puberty hit me, so it just sort of got me thinking.
   And then I figured he wasn't referring to what I thought he was referring to. Maybe he thought I'd changed because I'd been playing less rock riffs and more blues on my guitar. Maybe it was because I'd started listening to indie music; and I'd loved it. Or maybe it was because I was acting like an asshole in general, which, I sometimes do - but there are things that I just cannot control. Like being an asshole.
   And then I realized that he'd changed too. Not that he was acting like an asshole, though, no. Something else. Something unnoticeable. But yes, he had changed. That was certain.
   So I came up with... this!
The Postulate Of Change
The postulate of change states that change is a necessary, and an inevitable part of everyone's life. Whether it be time, places, friends, minds, people or even clothes during a day, change is not only required, but important as well. People often tend to forget that the only thing permanent is change. And wine; unless you end up consuming it. Or maybe whiskey too but I'm not so much of an alcoholic so I wouldn't know.

   There. Ramble ramble. Rant rant.
  Anyway, when somebody tells you you've changed with a very uncertain look on their face, it sucks.
   But then again, if you've been busting your rear end at a gym and then people say you've changed... guess it wouldn't so much then, would it?

   I'm demented. Period.

Geography Class

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Geography class...
What a bitch!
The leaves could be falling
But why do we itch?

Transport, trees, steel and foil
Alluvial, black and laterite soil
It's all too trivial to understand...
And trust me, I've tried hard to like
But never is there an attention hike!
This subject to me, tastes rather bland

Geography class...
What a bitch!
Minerals may be distributed unequally
But why do we itch?

From south to north the wind may flow
But me - well I'd just rather not know 
For not knowing everything just might kill
'Cause winds, they come and winds, they go
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
And we're living our boring lives, still...
Geography class...
What a bitch!
Jute might be golden fiber
But why do we itch?
Industries - they make plastic and steel,
Iron, jute, cotton and wheels
But I'd prefer to blissfully ignore
And while others listen and think and learn,
Work hard and memorize to earn
I'd love to peacefully snore!

Geography class...
What a bitch!
Lignite might be low quality coal
But why do we itch?

Geography class...
What a bitch!
This is what happens when I'm made to attend a geography class. 
This poem showcases my indifference towards the subject. It sucks. Balls. Period.
And. If any humanities students or would-be humanities students were to write something of the sort for Science, it'd be cool. :)

The White Stripes Broke Up!

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 In the band's website:

The White Stripes would like to announce that today, February 2nd, 2011,
their band has officially ended and will make no further new recordings or perform live.

The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue, nor any
health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health.

It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve What is beautiful and special about
the band and have it stay that way.

Meg and Jack want to thank every one of their fans and admirers for the incredible
support they have given throughout the 13 plus years of the White Stripes’ intense and
incredible career.

Third Man Records will continue to put out unreleased live and studio recordings from
The White Stripes in their Vault Subscription record club, as well as through regular

Both Meg and Jack hope this decision isn’t met with sorrow by their fans but that it is
seen as a positive move done out of respect for the art and music that the band has
created. It is also done with the utmost respect to those fans who’ve shared in those
creations, with their feelings considered greatly.

With that in mind the band have this to say:

“The White Stripes do not belong to Meg and Jack anymore. The White Stripes belong
to you now and you can do with it whatever you want. The beauty of art and music is
that it can last forever if people want it to. Thank you for sharing this experience. Your
involvement will never be lost on us and we are truly grateful.”

Meg and Jack White
The White Stripes

The White Stripes

   The White Stripes broke up.
   Infinite Sadness.
   Two of my favorite people and one of my favorite bands.
   I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as sad if I broke up with a girlfriend. Maybe I'd be a little sad. But then, The White Stripes is something different altogether. Thankfully I don't have one now and she's not reading this.
   Jack White immortalized the guitar for me. Whether it be bluesy riffs or simple acoustic parts or slide solos, the fact that he can do all that while singing is not only appreciable, but Godlike. Yeah. Godlike. GODLIKE. 
    I dig Jack White.
    And Meg White?
    Female drummer. Need I say more? I know I don't, but I will anyway.
    She's awesome. Her minimalistic style of drumming just blows my mind away. And she can sing too! Jesus! I mean... JESUS!!! [Check this out: In The Cold, Cold Night]
    And because this break-up is not due to artistic differences but to preserve what's special in the band, there's nothing I can bitch about, too. Dammit.
   The White Stripes were fucking awesome. And will continue to be till music exists. And maybe even after that.

   A few of my favorite White Stripes songs:

   In The Cold, Cold Night
   I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself  
   Ball And Biscuit 
   Black Math 
   The Hardest Button To Button 
   Seven Nation Army 
   White Moon 
   The Denial Twist 
   These are just a few. There's many, many more... :'(
   It's 7th Feb. Is it too early to ask for a reunion?

The Modern Woman

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   Times have changed, as has the society, she believes. The modern woman.
   She dares to defy the age old customs. She dares to not touch elder's feet. She dares to work and raise a child at the same time, inconsiderate of her husband's wishes. She dares to dream.
   She feels the need to be independent. She learns to protect herself when she has to. She kicks men in the balls. She gets educated.
   She lights up a cigarette in public. Not only because she wants to smoke, but because she can. She's acquainted with curse words as well, and knows whether or not to use them, and how.
   And that would be her way of politely saying to all the misogynists, and most importantly - the male chauvinists, to shove it up their rears.
   And she falls in love - but she will never admit it. 
   She longs to be wanted; yearns to be yearned. Desires to be felt; caressed.
   And even though she knows she has evolved, she understands - and accepts - that a little part of her would still be the same.
   The modern woman.