One Devious Lady

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She lowered her glasses and looked at me
A look of confused desire
Her lips curled and her eyebrows did frown...
And she winked.
They'd warned me of her innuendos; 
Yes, they had.

I told her all I could to whatever she'd asked
And she listened with patience
But I stood on the periphery, and she in the center
And balance was all I needed.
They'd warned me this would happen;
Yes, they had.

I did trust her with all my thoughts and feelings;
I let her get too close to hurt me
And she made me cry without breaking my heart
I guess that means something.
They'd warned me of this.
Yes, they had.

And if she's the moon, I know only the brighter side.
The darker one remains concealed.
But somewhere in my mind, an intuition says,
A new moon is approaching. 
But they hadn't warned me of this.
Oh no, they hadn't.

 They couldn't foresee much...
This was one devious lady.


How's that for a Valentine's Day poem? (O_o)

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Its awesome. Not her though. :P

Haha. Thanks.
And don't you dare say that, she's awesome too :P