Valentine's Day Epiphanies

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  I made myself a cup of green tea today. Vagueness struck me and I decided to put in honey instead of sugar. Then it became so thick and so dark it wasn't green anymore. And it tasted like just honey, only not as thick and somewhat lemony. How sad.
  Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. I hadn't had a Valentine's Day that cool in ages.
  No, I didn't have sex. Or any of the things you do before you have sex.
  I realized, thanks to my peers, that there exist teenagers who have friends they can keep kissing all the time. I mean, there's this chick who literally kisses one of her best male friends even though they're not dating. And she's always posting somewhat sappy and mostly suggestive messages on his facebook wall that clearly show that she's horny for him. Jesus. THAT is what I feel is sad. Talk about OUT OF CONTROL hormones.
  I also realized that there are people in this world who've given up on other people. Not themselves, just other people. When their trust is tossed around and played with like a ball, bad things happen. Things which lead to worse things. It's sad. The insides of their hearts are scathed by words and feelings. They feel so much that they can only contain in themselves. And even though I might feel pity for them, I know I'm just as worse as they are.
  I realized that more than love, people just want other people they can completely trust. And as sad as it sounds, it is true.
  I also realized that no matter how much time you've spent with a person nurturing and developing a relationship, it all goes bust in a moment of rage. Whatever you've established yourself as is nothing but a mirage. It's like they didn't know you for so long even though you were so sure they did...
  I realized that if two people have been hurt enough by others, they'll never trust each other even though there'd be no scientifically plausible reason for them to do so.
  I also realized, and this one came as a shock, that trust gives you the power to break someone. It does, really. Think about it.
  You really didn't think I'll end like that did you?
  Well, freaking whatever man. Shit happens. All the time. Shit is happening even now and some us aren't even bothered.
  Screw bullshit. 
  Listen to killer music. It helps. Always. It's not conditional. ALWAYS.
  Check this out!
  Them Crooked Vultures - No One Loves Me And Neither Do I

  [I know right? The title! Best way ever to end a post on Valentine's Day! xD!!!]

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