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  I haven’t been doing much these days.
  There were these full course science and maths tests that I gave this week. Maths was pretty good, but I screwed up a few questions. Science was… well, it was a 3 hour test and everybody finished it within 2 hours. I’m hoping above 70 on 80 in both the papers. Chances are, I would get what I want in these papers, but even if I don’t, it wouldn’t kill to hope would it? But then again, considering the fact that I make silly mistakes too often, I guess it's something I won't achieve this time. :/
  Academics aside, I’ve been listening to music too much these days. And I’ve been in a very dejected, antisocial mood and I’ve been talking to only a few people. Apparently no one cares really. Eh, not that I do. I still want to talk to a few friends I really wanted to talk to but I couldn't. Who knows what that was because of?
  I've also been in a very.. uh.. examining mood lately. No, that doesn't have anything to do with exams being right around the corner. No. I was thinking why it's so hard for us to figure out our own faults, when it's easier than anything to find faults in others. I mean, from a mathematical point of view, if you can solve others' questions, you should be able to solve yours, right? Weird. (O_o)
  Okay. Back to music.
  Broken Bells.
  James Mercer from The Shins, and Danger Mouse. Deadly Duo.
  The High Road freaking makes me high. Then there is Vaporize that gets me even higher. And then there's so many more that I freaking love. Sailing To Nowhere[no youtube link! :x] has got the epicest outro I've heard in recent times, and then there is The Ghost Inside which is a falsetto treat. And then I really love Citizen. And yes, October. It's got the simplest riff and structure but the lyrics are freaking great. I love Broken Bells, man. They freaking need to work on another album.
  Ah. Musical Bliss.
  That was more pop inclined. Or alternative. Or... well who cares what the genre is as long as it friggin' gets you high?
  And now...
  Let there be rock! \m/
  Them Crooked Vultures.

  John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin; And Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal; And Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Some supergroup this one's got to be, right?
  No One Loves Me And Neither Do I is a freaking great opener. The album's a blast in itself. My mind gets raped and I have multiple orgasms during the length of one song. Ah. What music, man. What music. Epicness. EPICNESS!
  Elephants, Scumbag Blues, Bandoliers, Reptiles, Caligulove, New Fang... one great song after another.
  Most of the songs of this 13-track debut album by the supergroup are so awesome you'll pee you pants. For sure. If you don't, then maybe you just need to pay more attention to what you're listening. 
  You're mind will be so blown away by the time you're done listening to the album, you'll regret not having heard it for so long 'cuz it's been out since 2009. :D
  So, anyway, I'm gonna have to study hard. Not that I care much, but anyway.
  I'm skipping school like anything. It's boring. But it's fun. How paradoxical. :/  


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