The Modern Woman

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   Times have changed, as has the society, she believes. The modern woman.
   She dares to defy the age old customs. She dares to not touch elder's feet. She dares to work and raise a child at the same time, inconsiderate of her husband's wishes. She dares to dream.
   She feels the need to be independent. She learns to protect herself when she has to. She kicks men in the balls. She gets educated.
   She lights up a cigarette in public. Not only because she wants to smoke, but because she can. She's acquainted with curse words as well, and knows whether or not to use them, and how.
   And that would be her way of politely saying to all the misogynists, and most importantly - the male chauvinists, to shove it up their rears.
   And she falls in love - but she will never admit it. 
   She longs to be wanted; yearns to be yearned. Desires to be felt; caressed.
   And even though she knows she has evolved, she understands - and accepts - that a little part of her would still be the same.
   The modern woman.



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I agree with each and every word.
Dayum so very sincere of a post Mantaaah :)

Thank you so much, nil! :D