Breathe [Fiction 55]

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Open. Close.
Open. Close.

You bat your eyelids.
Once. Twice. Once, again.


Your eyes lie awake, alert;
Your heart hammers inside you.


One deep breath inside.
A whirlpool of thoughts, washed away.

Your mind awakens;
Eyes at rest.

Your heart beats steadily now. 



15th Fiction 55

Literature Student

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  Science is not my cup of coffee. I'm saying that because I prefer tea anyway. Yes, I know I'm weird because I don't like coffee. But I shan't rant about science - one of the more avid readers of my blog threatened to stop reading it if I ever went about doing that again, so I 'shan't' - which also happens to be a reference to said avid blog reader.
  So yeah, everything's good. Not so good, but yeah, not so bad either. I'm fucking sick of listening to 'Eleventh's tough, eleventh's tough' and whatnot - I've spent almost half a year in eleventh, don't you think I'd have caught the drift?
  My physics teacher thinks I'm not the VMC kind of guy(and that I'm more creative, just so you know), my mum thinks I shouldn't have taken science up in the first, and my library teacher thinks I look like a literature student. And I am absolutely unsure of whether to take all of these comments in a good way or a bad way - because they could either be praising me or underestimating me by saying that. Whatever be the case, I'm pretty sure I don't really care who or what I resemble, I just know I'm fucking weird and I'd like to keep it at that.
  Anywho, did I mention that I won the first prize for Audio Editing in the recently hosted Computer Symposium called Code Wars at DPS, Vasant Kunj? I didn't, did I? So yeah, I won the first prize for Audio Editing. We were given all the sound files from a game called Pocket Tanks (yes, I've played it. Yes, it's freaking awesome) and we had to make a song using them. I made about a 36 second long sound clip in about 2 hours and very surprisingly, won. So, yeah, good enough for me. I'm going to be looking forward to kick more ass later. Oh hell, yeah! ^_^
  It saddens me, the fact that I haven't blogged in very long - but worry not, my beloved readers! The short story series with Remya is going great and we shall serve you people with a good deal of awesomeness VERY soon. And you guys are going to - and you can mark my words here - freaking love it! It'll be awesome. Very awesome. That's all I can reveal at the moment.
  Oh. Did I also mention the fact that I co-wrote a song with her? I didn't, did I? So yeah, I co-wrote a song with her. It's called Rain On A Sunny Day. We'll put up a video as soon as the exams are done. And boy can't I wait!
  Sigh. I've got to go study now - and do more things that would be of no relevance in my life later on.

  Ciao, folks.

  P.S. HOLY FUCKING COW SHIT I JUST FELT THE FUCKING GROUND TREMBLE UNDER MY FEET! AAAAAGH! You'll read about the earthquake in the newspapers tomorrow. 3:O