Your Best Listener

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Your happiness, your sorrow,
 your today, your tomorrow;
keep your worries on the side-table
and tell me all.

What you won, what you lost,
what had hurt, what it'd cost;
I'm here to listen,
at your every beck and call.

I will be your best listener;
today, tomorrow, forever. 
Just remember, before you leave,
to leave the cheque on my desk.


Love, Love, Love

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 'Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.' - Andy Warhol

 That's what one of my friends seems to think about 'love'. And because she wants to know what I think about it, here's a post dedicated to her very recent facebook status. And I'll take it one sentence at a time.

 How would people describe fantasy love? More importantly, how would people go about describing love? I always thought 'love' and 'reality love' were vaguely synonymous, I guess I was wrong. Because for whatever reason, I'd always associated fantasy love with... you know... is it really that hard to come up with?

 Now, because I'm a writer, I know exactly what 'fantasy love' is. I mean, for me, I know, it entails going intensely visual on every little thing that could mean or constitute love, which could range from literally anything to just holding hands and walking to full-blown love making in bathtubs, washrooms, classrooms or against walls (read: BlackCurrant). But mostly, all of that aside, fantasy love is what all fantasies are - a mere fantasy. Now it is beyond me why people would pin their hopes on something that's only a fantasy, but hey - it's their choice, I'm no one to say.

 Never doing it is exciting. How? I could somehow vaguely grasp the concept in terms of 'love' per se, but how could not doing something be exciting? If it's an ongoing tease - and in this case, it'll be an endless and a perpetual one - then only would 'not doing something' be exciting. Now going into entirely abstract and certainly refutable examples, if I'm a guitarist (and I am one) and I really want to play a solo to say, a certain song - how would it be exciting for me if I never even do so much as pick up my guitar?

 The most exciting attractions, ah. Yes, now this I have to agree with. The reason the attractions are most exciting between two people that never meet is because they'll always be wondering what would happen if they did. In a more general case though, this would be untrue. It has to be, because it's not like two opposites that never meet will be two opposites that want to meet.

 All of this is bullshit, I say, because the only reason people would want to believe in fantasy love is because they're just too afraid of real love. Now, Andy Warhol was an artist - a great one - and the thing with most artists is, well, they're crazy. But I'm an artist too (yes, I said it) and so I can somewhat understand what he was trying to convey when he said that. He believed in fantasy love because it helped him with his art. You could read his wikipedia entry, but there's no mention of fantasy love though. And to a certain extent, I believe in it too.

 Why? Because I'm an artist. I'm a writer, and anything that could happen and eventually does not makes my writing only better - because it forces me to break out of the box and think; come up with twenty possibilities to a situation that, had I actually lived through would know only one outcome of. It makes thinking fun, and writing even more fun

 But. There is no way on Earth I'd choose fantasy love over reality love. I'm not scared of 'getting my heart broken' or the various other clichés that hold people back from opening up to people they might eventually fall in love with. Sure, I've had my own share of failures and successes in this regard (the former more than the latter) but that doesn't mean I give up on love altogether, the reality love I mean. Because at the end of the day, if it's fantasy love - even if you're the most ignorant of people alive, you'll know it's only that, a fantasy. But reality love, even though it's infinitely more of a bitch than fantasy love, will at least be real. So, if you really can convince yourself to believe in fantasy love - go ahead. [I dealt with this in a short story, I think - Between Fantasy And Reality, Part I and Part II; a third part's in order.]

 So, to sum up all of that in one sentence - Saying fantasy love is better than reality love is like saying masturbating is better than having sex (pardon the linear analogy). 

 Andy Warhol believed in fantasy love. What do you believe in? 


Now you know what Lenny Kravitz believes in! ^_^