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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is purely coincidental; if not psychological.

   'You want ice cream?' she asked.
   'Nah, not really,' I began. 'I'd just rather have you'
   She was wearing one of those shirts of hers that was too over-sized to be worn in public. To top that she was wearing shorts that were shorter than the boxers I was wearing then. She looked better than she looked in my dreams.
    'You and your lines!' she exclaimed.
    'But, if you insist' I began again. 'I'd like to have some of that ice cream. Looks delicious. Not more than you, though.'
    'Stop it, will you?' she shot back.She gave a playful little smile - that was supposedly anger - that I adored, and went back to concentrating on her ice cream. She never did realize I saw right through that fake anger of hers. She liked it. Her eyes said so. And eyes never lie.
    'Can I have some ice cream?' I said, clicking my fingers in front of her face. I realized then, that she made me ask her for something that I didn't really want in the first place. Some skill that lady possessed.
    'Of course, darling' she said, handing out her ice cream to me.
    At this point, I should probably mention that I was standing near a wall, with my back towards it.
    She handed me her ice cream, and as soon as I reached out to take a bite, she shouted, 'STOP!'
    I shrugged.
    She jumped onto me, grabbed me by my neck, and wrapped her legs around my waist, and my back hit the wall. She must have planned that out in advance because I never knew her to be so much of a ninja. Her ice cream fell from my hand. She locked her lips with mine.
    'Hey! The ice cream fell!' I said, after she withdrew
    'What? You're actually choosing ice cream over kisses from me?'
    I opened my mouth to speak, but she cut me off with a spontaneous kiss. I might have gotten pissed with her for doing that, but she continued kissing me. She was always too gentle; she pulled my hair softly while doing it, and there was nothing more that she needed to do.
   She stopped for a brief moment, and I tightened my arms around her waist.
   'What flavor was that?' I asked, referring to the ice cream.
   'Blackcurrant,' came the reply.
   'Oh. No wonder that kiss tasted shockingly good today.'
   She smiled. 'Shut up,' she said softly and went back to kissing me.
   The intensity of her kisses went up with each subsequent heart beat; and we exchanged places - she was against the wall now. She put her hand on my neck and held on to it tight, while I kissed her back. It didn't take us a long while to be out of breath.
   'You know what?' she said, getting some air and brushing her hair back. 'I love you'
    'And,' I said. 'I love blackcurrant'
    She smiled.
    We started kissing again.
                                                                            * * *
    Long white, translucent tubes run from her face and her chest to various locations inside the room. It was painfully silent save for the frequent ticking of a clock and the occasional beep on the ECG. And I hated silence.
   'What happened there?' I asked her, grabbing hold of her hand.
   'Nothing,' she started. 'Take it easy alright? Nothing happened. You look tensed.' She was awfully observant even while lying on a hospital bed.
   'Something must've happened! You just fell on the ground! You FAINTED!'
   'Yeah, alright, I did! My heart skipped a beat. Literally speaking.' She giggled.
   'And you think I'm in the mood for jokes?' I wasn't.
   'See, it's something called Arrhythmia, and since you're not a biology major, you wouldn't know what it is. And you need not worry about it because it's not going to happen again.'
    I kissed her hand.
    'Promise?' I asked.
    'God,' she said. 'Can you stop being so cheesy? Nothing will happen to me, okay? I'll be out in a while. Take it easy!' She gave me one of those don't-worry-be-happy smiles. I wasn't really convinced though.
    'Okay...' I said. 'But I need to kiss you to make sure you're fine'
    She smiled.
    The kiss was gentle, calm; and in short, perfect.
    She started playing with my hair again, and said, 'So... this is what it has come to? You seducing me in the hospital?'
    I laughed, withdrawing her hand from me. 'I love you,' I said.
    'And,' she said. 'I love blackcurrant'
    I smiled.

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