The Forgotten Sepal

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You were my angel.

When you cried,
I held you in my arms
And with every passing second
I could feel your pain dissipating,
Fading away like the resonance
Of your cries..

And then you smiled,
For the very first time, 
And your bright little eyes shone happiness 
Into the darkest corners of my heart;
Touching and illuminating what I felt 
Could never be reached...

With time, you grew

You learnt how to talk,
With little stammers and mispronunciations.
They were of no significance to me
For every word you spoke was pure gold,
And everything you said 
Made me proud

Your tiny little fingers
Clasped onto my hands, my shoulders
When you fell sick, and all those 
Sleepless nights I spent, looking after you
Are still as clear as day;
Your every movement pellucid...

With time, you matured

You learnt how to put your thoughts into words;
Your words into actions...
You made memories; good and bad
And you tasted bittersweet regret

And then you got acquainted with temptation.
It didn't kill you, nor did it hollow you out
 But I knew, only too well,
The silence before the storm, and
The ticks before the toll...

With time, you advanced

You became independent
You wanted to do everything yourself,
And I stood there beside you,
Waiting to pick you up shall you ever fall...
And you did

You got your piece of the ungrateful world
But you never sought me...
And who was I to complain?
For that was what you'd wanted; what you'd wished
And a child's wishes are always to be fulfilled
Over the wishes of oneself

And then you were happy again
Smiling like you once used to, 
But not in my arms...
And you chose to live inside a bubble
One made in a fit of complacency, of arrogance
One without me

Time may have grown you
Time may have matured you
But I fostered you
I nurtured you

Why didn't you understand,
That I've never wanted you to thank me...
All I wanted from you - and may I be forgiven,
If it was too much to ask - 
Was remembrance.
Fond, cherished remembrance.

Because you, darling, 
Are - and shall forever be -  
My sweet little flower...

And what am I to you now,
But a forgotten sepal?

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