For You, My Friend

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[This is an epistolary of sorts, that me and my friend No Guts No Glory wrote. Check out her blog here. I wrote the first part and she wrote the second. The first part is a letter addressed to the friend, and the second part is the reply to that letter. Hope you guys like it! :)]

The shine on your face;
The glimmer in your eyes
Is gone...

The candor of your condolences;
The warmth of your words
Has disappeared...

The genuinity of your feelings;
The sincerity of your heart
Has tarnished...

And no matter how much I deny it,
I know it is true...

You, my dear, have changed
And I will never look at you
The way I once did
For you are no longer the one
I want to look at...

Because the purity of your mind,
And the innocence of your soul,
Has been bereaved...

And the very essence of your being
Is lost.

Good bye.

The dependence on life,
The confidence inside,
Is shattered

The simplicity of my soul,
The satisfaction of standing alone,
Has tattered

The happiness of being sober,
The magic of maturing slower,
Has faded

Gazing at the stars,
Being polite and adoring all,
Categorizes me outdated

And no matter how much I deny it,
I know its true..

You, my dear, wouldn't understand
What it's like to be
Walking in my shoes,
To be lost in the mist,
Looking out for clues...

Because I've tried,
To ignore the reality of life,
And the people around, loud and snide
But without you to share it with
It would torment me inside 

So stay.

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