What Was It, Again?

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The third cup of coffee on my computer table has gone cold.
The weather outside is cold too; but I wouldn't know for sure. I'm still inside.
A half-finished collection of dry fruits lying on the bed is making my mouth water. No, not really.
My cell phone is half out of charge due to repeated re-runs of every playlist I have inside it.
Did I mention it's Diwali?
Did I mention I hated it?
I spent most of the day sleeping on my couch and lying on my bed in a similar position finishing my homework.
I'm only done with Quadratic Equations. I'm still left with A.P. and Circles.
Dad was surprised I actually got myself to study on Diwali and I thought, well, if you've got nothing to do, you're eventually going to start finishing your homework.
I'd have died if it weren't for all the Iron Maiden, RHCP, Guns N' Roses, Audioslave, Joe Satriani, Metallica, and Nirvana songs in my phone; just to name a few.
It's 8:10.
It's cold.
It's comparatively less noisy than the past years; thank God for that.
I don't want to go outside.
I don't want to celebrate Diwali.
It's just not fun for me.
Wasting time is one of my favorite things. Going outside and celebrating Diwali would mean utilizing it.

Here's 1 heart, 2 eyes, 7 liter blood, 206 bones, 4.5 million red cells, 60 trillion DNAs and one mighty pissed, frustrated, and bored soul wishing you a very happy Diwali!

Have fun people! :)

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