Arrested Advent

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Fret not, oh dearie,
It may seem I entail a heinous crime,
But I'll be back within a moment's time:
In a blink, and a breath
I will appear in front of your sullen eyes
And save you from your sweet demise.
But if I do not emerge,
Lax your fingers and then count the stars
That lay hidden in the morning hours:
They will keep you,
As I swim across the raging, swirling seas,
That my talent and my daunting tease,
Finding my way back
To you - your heart, your sullen eyes
Warmer than a bright sunrise.
But rest assured,
We'll be together again, in time, as one
And bask beneath the golden sun;
I'll be back soon,
In a dormant breath, a blinked eye -
Love, I'll return within a sigh.


What's up, folks? How's it rolling? 12th Grade is fucking nuts; I'm dead inside and outside. Well, almost. Pardon me for my insolence.

 This poem is a special one-off only dedication to my blog, because I've been neglecting it like crazy for the past few months. And probably will continue to for the next half of this year too. No kidding.

But we'll kiss and make up, don't worry.