Lustful Acquisition

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You know you want it.
Go ahead.
Scratch me, feel me, bite me;
I'm all yours if only for a while.

Strip me naked with your eyes.
Grope, pinch, gnaw,
Dig in your teeth;
Make me feel as good as you want to.

Ride me.
Slow, fast, slow.
Easy. Hard;
Breathe me in.

Abuse me with your touch.
Violate me with your actions;
Make me your bitch -
I'm a lustful acquisition of yours;
Treat me well, if only for a while.


50th Poem! Woohoo!


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He does not fold his arms in prayer,
Bow his head down in respect;
He does not feel the warmth of the blessed fire,
Drink the holy water with perched lips

And why does he not?
Does he have no faith?
Wherein does his faith lie, then?

Does he believe in luck, chance - 
All that unnecessary hullabaloo?
Or does he believe in destiny,
The questionable force of life?
Or does he believe in charms, magic;
The sacrilege that is voodoo?
Or worse yet - himself?

And to all that he meets,
He remains faithless...


Currently Doing The Rounds In My Head

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  It's been fun here. Relatively less pressure. Everything's chilled (that means relatively low temperature too!)
  So yeah, I've been listening to - and playing - a lot of new stuff lately. New as in, new to my ears, not to the world; I love old school music. And old school musicians, too. A few of the songs posted here, I'd already heard a year or two back - but that doesn't mean I don't love it now; if anything the liking has increased. :)
  Some of it I've embedded here; I want you people to listen to this music and be jizzed out of your mind. And trust me, I'm serious enough when I'm saying this.

George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone

It's got the whole awesome bluesy groove kind of thing. And there's heavy use of a slider too, so that makes it even awesomer. This song was used for the Star World promos for Two And A Half Men Season 7 - so you might just recognize the riff. :)

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

Old school ZZ Top AWESOMENESS!!! The intro riff is awesome as anything, as is the bass playing and the drumming. MindJizz!

Eric Johnson - Manhattan

One of G3's most featured guitarists at his instrumental best. The licks are so crazy in this one; in fact the chords are too. Awesomeness!

Santana - Smooth

This song features Rob Thomas, and a whole lot of jazz influenced progressions and reggae beats and everything. The intro lick is, well, smooooooth. Check this one out for sure!

Tool - Lateralus

Ah, one of those songs that makes you doubt your counting skills. Try and count this one out, will you? Starts in 5/8 and goes into 9/8-8/8-7/8 during the distorted riff, chances the time multiple times too before finally locking on to 12/8 for the outro of the song, which, by chance happens to be the awesomest riff I've heard in a while. This song also incorporates the Fibonacci Series - take a look at the video, will you? It's only 9:24. :)

Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

The first time I heard this song, I was probably in, what, the 2nd or 3rd grade? I heard this while playing Road Rash, and this song is, oddly enough, rather nostalgic. But fuck it, I don't care, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! This is EPIC! This has got to be the first real SONG that I LOVED without even knowing! How sad is that? :/ Cornell's vocals are awesome, so is Thayil's guitar playing. The bassist and drummer are awesome too but I can't recall their names. >.<
 And oh, this song changes counts too. Try counting the last 2 minutes of the song. :)


 So yeah, that'll be it for a while now. I'll come back tomorrow with another poem, maybe. But I'm going to get my report card. Oh yes, it's going to be awesome! *no sarcasm intended*

 Till I've got more things to share,

 Adios, amigos. 

He Will Wait [Fiction 55]

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He will wait.

For your antics, expressions.
For your irritable nature, your shifty eyes;
That mole on the small of your back.

He will wait for you like he would for the first monsoon shower, amid the midsummer heat.

And you must come, darling,
For even though he doesn't know,
He will wait forever.


16th Fiction 55

She Understands...

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She understands.
She thinks, she grasps, she lets go.
Yet, she understands.
The things she sees, feels;
The pain, the angst, the hurt - 
She pours them on a palette and paints with them
On her words,
The face, the eyes, the mask of a being she only wants to exist.
And then she filters, layer by layer, through the reality,
The conscience; the unbearable humanity of it all

And yet, she feels,
Underneath the very folds of herself.
It pricks, at times;
Stings like anything.

And she observes,
Analyzes, knows
That all this will pass - 
The anxiety, the rage, the infatuations
That rattle her bones at night.
And she resigns
To a peaceful slumber she doesn't want to be woken up from.

And yet, she cannot feel love.
She can only gaze at it, wonder;
Ruminate as it leaves her be,
Alone, isolated, cold.

And she thinks, grasps, lets go.
She understands.


Cold December Morning

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It's another cold December morning.
The sunlight peeps in through the window,
And prepares to greet me, even though
It knows it is hardly welcome.
Thankfully, there is still some time
Before the lonesome darkness is gone.

I've closed my eyes again;
Sometimes, staring at the ceiling fan just
Doesn't help your motivation levels at all.

I'm off to dreamland again.
Partial, disturbed sleep takes me there.

Happier times; happier faces.
But it's dreamland,
So everything's censored to my mind's comfort.
The sadder parts are gone.

Good, bad, ugly.
Happy, sad, and unbothered.
And it's dreamland.
So only the best parts are remembered;
There are no bad qualities.

All sorts.
Every kind imaginable.
And it's dreamland.
But that changes nothing;
Everything is the same,
However sweet, stingy or saddening;
The bridge between the real and the unreal.

And sunlight bursts in, and my eyes open.
I'm back from dreamland,
And the ceiling fan greets me with a blank stare.


I'd written this sometime last year, presumably on a 'cold December morning'.
I didn't like it enough when I wrote it though, still don't; but I figured, 'Eh, what the hell?'

A Misguiding's Tale

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I took you by the hand and walked with you
Across mountains, seas, heavens
As time flew us by;
Seconds, minutes, hours

A silent void would persist in the pits of our bellies;
The winds would guide us from cloud to cloud,
A series of short, stout little jumps

And the hours turned to days, weeks.
The weeks turned into years.
Yet we walked on, tirelessly.

And on the crossing between two clouds,
Our eyes met, our fingers touched;
An unexpected rendezvous of our souls
Then the clouds burst, and it rained...

And gently yet, I drifted away
With the winds that had brought us together,
Departing with merely the memory of a touch;
For at the crack of dawn, the winds were gone,
And so was I...

I'm sorry I led you on to the winds;
They refuse to guide you anymore...
You are on your own now


When you're a poet (or claim to be one), there are certain things you must write. They needn't always make sense; but you do it anyway, for no rhyme or reason.
This was one of those things.

Singsong Blues

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I wrote this in the tenth grade, a year back. I think I'll make it into a song too. It's just weird because it doesn't have a chorus; not to worry I'll put in guitar solos. Have fun reading. :)

Am I in love?
Or am I just confused...
Do I really care about her
Or are my screws loose?

Her eyes tell me she loves me
But her words beg to differ
And I do not know what to take
Or even what to infer...

She's crazy enough to talk of hate
And feelings, and the wild skies
But even though she looks so true
She sure is shrouded with lies

She thinks too much, as does she speak;
As abstract as a splatter of ink
She'll tell you to go screw yourself
And follow it up with a wink
(guitar solo)

She's filled with candor
And boy, is she plenty candid
And goddamned as hell, some skill she's got
Her words are pretty splendid

It's not that she's alone
She just likes introspection
And whether or not she's a great soul
Can't be seen in her reflection

But in her heart, she knows...
She's in need of someone else too
And even if he's standing right next to her
She'll just be feeling blue

And we'll be singing the singsong blues!
The singsong blues!
Till our voices are worn,
And strings are torn
And lives are forgotten...
(outro - guitar solo)

Tenth grade wasn't so bad then after all, was it? 3:)

P.S. The blogging rampage has officially begun. 

Goodbye Blue Sky

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  So apparently, I'm back for a while.
  Life's been sucky. I mean, yeah, beginning of eleventh grade + science; what else do you expect? :/
  Anyway, I passed the first term. Yay! 55.2% in all. The weird bit is, I scored EXACTLY 44 on 100 in each of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Thank you for saving me, English. I was eternally indebted to you as it were, anyway.
  The skies around me just turned a darker shade. Goodbye Blue Sky. Hello Cruel World. 
  If you're a Floyd fan, you'd understand the references made in the line just above this one, but don't beat yourself if you don't. :)
  I'm learning a lot about people, how they work, how they function and whatnot. I'm not referring to the usual 'people' here. The average folk I know of, it's just the unconditionally incomprehensible ones that I'm learning about now, thanks to one of my better friends, and one of those rare people that actually deserve respect.
  Some people don't reply to my texts. Some people don't call me or talk to me. Some people teach me about confronting people and shy away when their turn comes. Some people I still love for no plausible reason. And some people just need to make true friends, or make their existing friends feel like they're pals; not everyone's a mind reader.
  And I'm a cheesy bitch.
  I found the Matrix 5-subject notebook I wrote in in the ninth grade. A bunch of poems I still haven't posted lie there to be unearthed. Awesomeness.
 This is to officially announce I'll try as hard as I can to go on a blogging rampage. 
  And, oh!
  Check these out:

  Beauty pageant contestants answers to "should math be taught in school?'
 (I don't seem to be able to embed this into a video. It's pretty awesome though, you should TOTALLY watch it.)

  And then there's of course, Floyd. I've been listening to tons more bands lately, but it's just that, this video and this song... there's just something there that sticks. I don't know what it is, and I'll possibly never find out, but fuck it. To me, music's always welcome. 
  David Gilmour - Echoes (Part 1) - Remember that Night.

  (You'll know how fucking crazy this song is by the response of the audience when Richard Wright hits the first note.)

 Bubbye, then.
 'Til we meet next (hopefully for a blogging rampage).


Endless Linger

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Fleeting away,
Higher and higher,
Cloud to cloud;
Just one more look of inebriation.

Floating around,
Further, beyond,
High off the ground;
Drowned in pleas of desperation

You look at me, weary;
With puffy cheeks
And heavy, stone-like eyes...

I call to you,
But my voice subsides
In a million hides in your skin...

And I will slip away, sail afar,
Far from the seething reaches of your voice

And I won't be lingering...

In your hands, in your hair,
In your hard, heavy voice
I will no longer be there

From your heart, from your mind,
From the tips of your fingers,
I will be gone

I will steal away, vamoose
Recede like the wind

And all you'll feel is a breeze.