Singsong Blues

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I wrote this in the tenth grade, a year back. I think I'll make it into a song too. It's just weird because it doesn't have a chorus; not to worry I'll put in guitar solos. Have fun reading. :)

Am I in love?
Or am I just confused...
Do I really care about her
Or are my screws loose?

Her eyes tell me she loves me
But her words beg to differ
And I do not know what to take
Or even what to infer...

She's crazy enough to talk of hate
And feelings, and the wild skies
But even though she looks so true
She sure is shrouded with lies

She thinks too much, as does she speak;
As abstract as a splatter of ink
She'll tell you to go screw yourself
And follow it up with a wink
(guitar solo)

She's filled with candor
And boy, is she plenty candid
And goddamned as hell, some skill she's got
Her words are pretty splendid

It's not that she's alone
She just likes introspection
And whether or not she's a great soul
Can't be seen in her reflection

But in her heart, she knows...
She's in need of someone else too
And even if he's standing right next to her
She'll just be feeling blue

And we'll be singing the singsong blues!
The singsong blues!
Till our voices are worn,
And strings are torn
And lives are forgotten...
(outro - guitar solo)

Tenth grade wasn't so bad then after all, was it? 3:)

P.S. The blogging rampage has officially begun. 

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