Goodbye Blue Sky

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  So apparently, I'm back for a while.
  Life's been sucky. I mean, yeah, beginning of eleventh grade + science; what else do you expect? :/
  Anyway, I passed the first term. Yay! 55.2% in all. The weird bit is, I scored EXACTLY 44 on 100 in each of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Thank you for saving me, English. I was eternally indebted to you as it were, anyway.
  The skies around me just turned a darker shade. Goodbye Blue Sky. Hello Cruel World. 
  If you're a Floyd fan, you'd understand the references made in the line just above this one, but don't beat yourself if you don't. :)
  I'm learning a lot about people, how they work, how they function and whatnot. I'm not referring to the usual 'people' here. The average folk I know of, it's just the unconditionally incomprehensible ones that I'm learning about now, thanks to one of my better friends, and one of those rare people that actually deserve respect.
  Some people don't reply to my texts. Some people don't call me or talk to me. Some people teach me about confronting people and shy away when their turn comes. Some people I still love for no plausible reason. And some people just need to make true friends, or make their existing friends feel like they're pals; not everyone's a mind reader.
  And I'm a cheesy bitch.
  I found the Matrix 5-subject notebook I wrote in in the ninth grade. A bunch of poems I still haven't posted lie there to be unearthed. Awesomeness.
 This is to officially announce I'll try as hard as I can to go on a blogging rampage. 
  And, oh!
  Check these out:

  Beauty pageant contestants answers to "should math be taught in school?'
 (I don't seem to be able to embed this into a video. It's pretty awesome though, you should TOTALLY watch it.)

  And then there's of course, Floyd. I've been listening to tons more bands lately, but it's just that, this video and this song... there's just something there that sticks. I don't know what it is, and I'll possibly never find out, but fuck it. To me, music's always welcome. 
  David Gilmour - Echoes (Part 1) - Remember that Night.

  (You'll know how fucking crazy this song is by the response of the audience when Richard Wright hits the first note.)

 Bubbye, then.
 'Til we meet next (hopefully for a blogging rampage).


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I'm waiting for the poems! That's all I'd say for now.. Rest, we'll talk :-)