About Me

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   Name: Srimanta Mitra
   Age: 16+
   Sex: Male  
   Hair Color: Black
   Eye Color: Black

   Believes his life is a plateful of irony served cold.

   Likes to believe he is a free, creative soul. But alas, like all other free souls, he's also bound by the reigns of the time-space continuum.

   Likes to express himself by writing poems and short stories. But of course, more than that he just rambles on and on; whether it be in real life or on his blog.

   Likes to express himself by playing guitar too. Every once in a while he cranks up the distortion on his amp, and refuses to stop playing till his neighbors start throwing stones.

   Ecstatic, most of the times. Hyperactive at others. But still loves sleep more than anything.

   He's envious of insomniacs. He falls alseep whenever a bed is in close proximity. 
   He's the kinda guy that starts jumping when he's excited. Or when he's nervous. Or when he's tensed. He's usually jumping around. Mostly. Otherwise he's sleeping. 

   He's a downright cynic. If given a glass half filled with water, he'll choose to look at it as a glass that isn't completely filled. 

   He doesn't like making friends much. He thinks he's an introvert. Moreover, he dislikes dumb people and digs people with minimal to other-worldly amount of intellect. Maybe that's why he thinks he's an introvert.

   He's got the sensitivity of a five year old. When he was a kid, a stranger refused to offer him candy. He's been stuck up ever since.

   Also believes that good music can bring back dead people.

   That shall be all. Until of course, he discovers more about himself.