The Procastination Postulate

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   If you've been wasting your time for the past whatever-no.-of-years you've lived, you probably know what it feels like to have wasted a hell lot of time. Or maybe not.
   I'm left with so much to do. And it's just sad because I'm not doing any of the things that I'm supposed to. Instead, I'm blogging
   But I'm left with about half-a-hundred math questions and there's this geography FA that I'm supposed to study for(but I wouldn't, of course). And I have to submit my Bio homework copy and... blah blah yada yada.
   I've procrastinated so much in the past few weeks that I'm pretty sure if I continue like this, I'll end up a fat man with no education or money. But I just might have cool guitar techniques but that's still a big 'maybe'. 
   I'm left with so many stories and poems and everything too. I've procrastinated so much I've written just ONE single decent story in the month of January. Dammit, man. Procrastination sucks ass. I could've done better. :(
   So, anyway, what's the point of this post?
   Does everything you do have a purpose...?
   Come to think about it, why do we even live? What's the purpose of that? We live to do what? Get good grades? Earn shitloads of cash? Feel freaking elated when we're done with all our left over work? Eh?
   Well, who knows about that. Seriously. Nobody knows. Nobody cares.
   I could swear I know people who say they live their lives to the fullest but don't know why they live it in the first place.
   I'm not one of them. I don't live my life to the fullest. 
   I don't study as much as I should, or play football as much as I should. Or even write songs or stories as much as I should. I just procrastinate more than I should. More than anyone should. Haha. How lame. 
   Anyway, the post is called Procrastination Postulate, right?
   Well, what is the Procrastination Postulate?
   Consider it my first postulate, if not a theory or anything.

The Procrastination Postulate
The Procrastination Postulate states that if a human being starts procrastinating i.e wasting time for an indefinite period, the human being shall forever end up in the infinite loop of pointless iteration. Unless of course, the said individual has tremendous will power and other seemingly significant qualities that an individual need not possess to get through life.

  Was it only me or did you get the fact the last line written in the postulate is a joke? A rather lame one at that. But still...
  My first Postulate! :D
  I shall post more as they come to me! :D
  Stoked are we? Neh, guess not. :/
  Time for a random joke before I end this post!
  I said it to somebody and it's still haunting me somehow. 
  "Somebody teach that kid to draw a line! He's definitely lost his geometrical instruments if not his brain!"  XD!!!
   I can be nonsensical at times. Period.

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