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This following post is a Fiction 55, wherein the post has to be finished in or under 55 words. And this is my very first one! :)

She woke up in the morning, cursing herself, everyday. She couldn't get accustomed to the feeling that engulfed her...

For, the shell of obstinacy that surrounded her, was unbreakable.

But, she was a human after all...
She had feelings too.

Yes, she was in love.
And she hated every minute of it.

                                                                         * * *
[I did it. I finished the Bitch Challenge given to me by Remya Raj. And I ended it with a Fiction 55! Cool! Comment now, wouldn't ya?]

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It's nice! :)
I thought this topic always 'confused' you? :P

I hate it's context because I'm too familiar with it. Too too damn familiar. And I hate the heading because it's too cheesy.
So whatever Mitra.
It's beautifully expressed. :)

P.S.: My blogwork has copyrights on it. Do not steal my thoughts. :P

this was HOT .
my freak brother, are Good.

@Fizz: Well, yeah, sorta. But when it comes to obstinate people, I know EXACTLY how they feel about love. And I speak from experience :)

@Remya: I know it's familiar context, but I just couldn't help it. And the heading is too cheesy because, bitch, i wanted it to be :)
P.S: My blogwork has copyrights too. And if I ever even come close to stealing your thoughts, i'll ask god to kill me :)

@Nil: Thankya sis!
You're pretty great too :)