Science, Maths And Cricket

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  I've been pissed for a long time now.
  My exams are still not over. 
  30th March, goddammit. Students from other schools have went on trips and returned; eleventh graders from our schools have become twelfth graders and had their extra classes started; and what are the tenth graders doing? Studying, most of them; one is blogging.
  I had my Maths exam after a full week as a preparatory leave. It was okay, most of it. I should get an A1. And if I don't, I'll get an A2. That'll just freaking destroy me, man. Maths was the only subject I studied this year, and I did it with all my heart. If I don't get an A1 in Maths I'll consider killing myself. I guess. No, I don't know. Killing myself would be going too far. I guess I'll just have to console myself by saying cheesy shit like, 'There's always a second chance,' or, 'Whatever happens, happens for the good,' Yeah. Like fuck it does.
  I realized something after this Maths exam ended. In my last Maths term exam, I'd scored a 75/80 and I had NO FUCKING IDEA that I'd score that good. I mean, sure, it went well. But not THAT well! I mean, I'd never scored more than, like, 68/80 and suddenly in the first term I score a 75! NO FREAKING WAY! And then I realized, 'I had the potential to do better,' and so I studying like an ass for the second term. And. If I don't get at least a 75, I'll feel freaking sad. The thing is, if I hadn't scored 75 in the first term, I wouldn't have felt as bad as I would now if I don't score 75. You end up knowing you can get more, and you'll never settle for less. I'm greedy for my marks in Maths now; and that's a sad and a happy thing. Eh.
  I also happened to watch the India vs. Pakistan Semi-Final yesterday. I'm not really an avid follower of cricket; never was. But yesterday, I thought if I DON'T watch that match, people will end up thinking I'm some an unpatriotic freakshow, so I did; and because I was COMPLETELY sick of studying Science for my exam on 2nd April. The match was nice. And I don't really know if it was fixed or anything, but each Indian bowler picking up two wickets does seem kind of strange. I'm not hinting at anything; just saying.
  And I have to revise Science again. Man, this sucks. Last exam on 2nd April and what exam is it? Science. Screw it.
  I study Maths and Science like this and still don't score, I'm gonna start wearing this T-Shirt:



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