Been A Dreamer

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The bars have been stained
With sweat from my palms
The morbid screams seem distant
To my ears now;
And I've gotten used to the horrifying gaze
Of the ones that roam outside
But once in a while it still terrifies me...

The world around me has grown
Still; motionless, except an 
Occasional visitor walking with steps
That fall louder than thunder strikes
The trees on a stormy night
And another hit on the head
Of someone who chose to speak

The walls around me, all four of them
Are now the color of tears
But they too, like the blood
On our wounds, have dried up
And reveal only a fragment
Of what they used to be...

Be good!, they order me
And I do as they say
But they still throw the food
At me, like I don't deserve it
And I hog at it like the hungry dog 
I am...

'Cause you see, I've been a dreamer
And this is what they do
To those who dare to dream;
They put us behind bars
And forget, that four walls 
Will never be enough
To contain us...


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