Funny Thing...

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  I'm sick of studying SSt, man. I'm sick. Dead sick.
  I can almost visualize Bismark fighting wars with Austria, France and Denmark in my head. Weird thing is, I don't know how Bismark looks. That, amongst a series of other visuals, has left me crazy and pining for something interesting to do.
  I still have so much to write for Epigram Magazine. The only reason I'm not starting is because I know if I do start writing, I won't stop. After all, I need to save some of my imagination up for the social science exam day after tomorrow, too.
  After studying it continuously for the past few days, I've figured that if ever later in my life I need help with sleeping, I'll return to my SSt books. No, this is not a joke. SERIOUSLY. One of my friends told me that studying geography requires a fresh mind, so I woke up at 10(I was studying SSt the previous night too) and started studying it first thing. Next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes and lifting my head off my geography text book two hours later. SERIOUSLY. THIS THING FREAKING HAPPENED!
  Anyway, I was feeling blue, black, green, red and whatnot, and blue was the only color that could somehow be classified as a genre of music, so I started listening to blues. Man is blues awesome! All kind, everything. From BB King to Eric Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughn to even John Mayer - everything. I was feeling like it, so I started listening to the Trio Set on John Mayer's Where The Light Is. Some music, really. Not to mention I'm really, really  relating to the song, 'Everyday I Have The Blues'. Because... I have the blues. Everyday.
  Now, I think, it's gonna be freaking hard bringing myself to care about SEZs and MNCs and how Politicians can be reformed. Dammit, man. This has to end. And with any luck, it will. 
  Did I mention the funny thing?
  See, funny thing... 
  SSt has drained all my sense of humour. 
  That was funny right? 
  It wasn't? 


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