Things That Don't Make You Cool

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   Well, someone had to come up with it right?
   The things that don't - and never will - make you cool:

   -> Having 20 Boyfriends/Girlfriends
  You're so smoking hot everybody wants to date you. And you let them! Jesus, what's  
  wrong with this world?

   -> Holding A Guitar
  Oooh! This hotshot just picked up a guitar! Look at him just standing and doing 
  nothing with it. So cool, no? 
  You hold a guitar if you know how to play it - If you don't you keep away.

   -> Wearing Low Waist Jeans
  Just what part of your butt crack do you think is appreciable to the rest of the world?

   -> Swearing Loudly
  Swear a li'l more a li'l faster and I'll be convinced you have Tourette's.   

   -> Having Tons Of Expensive Gadgets - And Letting Others Know
  Your dad is a fucking billionaire. You made that point with your iPhone, iPod Touch AND  
  the MacBook Pro. There's no need for you to show the iPad, really.

  -> Wearing Boxers On The Street
  It's not 3 AM. You're not drunk. Hopefully. Why are you wearing just your boxers?

  -> Having A Mohawk
  Seriously? That's your hairstyle? Are you sure nobody shocked you underwater for like, 
  what, 30 minutes? Or wait, 30 minutes just wouldn't give the desired effect, would
  it? Well, maybe eternal electrocution would've helped. Dumbass.

   -> Typing 'lolzzz' all the time
  God. I didn't even crack a joke and all you seem to say is 'lolzzz'. Seriously. Stop.
  What I said wasn't funny. What you're saying is not funny. NOTHING is funny. Stop 
  'lolzzz'-ing. For the sake of anything that's ever been funny in this world. Please.

  -> 'Pimping' Your Ride
   On the back of your Maruti 800, you got this engraved: 

This Is Who I Am
48% Cool
52% Rich


  -> Posting Things That Don't Make People Cool.
  I am uncool. Period.

  Disclaimer: Product of intense boredom. Seriousness unintended.

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Add the STRAPS bit too. People need to get a bit of that in their head too.
And what happened to the rest of your list?! Put it ALL up!!
And yet, I think this is fab! Somebody thinks alike for once! :D

This is F U N N Y ;)
God. Lolzz-ing and guitar :P