Oh God, Once Again!

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   So. My Science Practical and my Piano exam are on the same date. Same morning. Always thought it'd be a choice between education and music; never one between a Science Practical and a Piano Practical. Bleh. "/
   By the way, I'm blogging from school.
   There are three member teams in the Bentley project, where you are to design a concert hall. One of them is attending a class. One of them is trying to memorise the poem 'A Prayer In Spring' by Robert Frost, and one of them is blogging. Eh.
   Anish came into the LCD lab a while back. He wrote lines from the poem he's supposed to memorise, called 'The Chimney Sweeper' by William Blake, on the whiteboard. The whiteboard now has, under the title of things to do, the various things that actually need to be done, and Anish's scribbling of a few lines from the chimney sweeper.
   Tarun, the one who's in the LCD lab with me, is clearly having a tough time memorising his poem for the goddamned poem recital Formattive Assignment. Screw CCE, man. Seriously, screw it. Thank god the poem I was supposed to learn is comparitively easy to memorise. It's called 'A Bird Came Down The Walk' by Emily Dickinson.
   Mayank send some chick a flirtatious text from my phone. She recognized it to be him and not me. Thank god.
   There's still so much stuff that I wanna write, but I just don't have the freaking time. It sucks. Life sucks. A little bit. Fuck yeah, it does.
   I'm as of yet, not perfectly prepared for my piano exam tomorrow. It's from 10:38 to 10:54. Sixteen minutes. And I'll be screwed more than sixteen million times during that time period.
   Plus, there's a test on Reproduction in AVTE today. I don't really mind giving tests or even studying for them, but goddammit does Reproduction SUCKS! To me, Biology in its entirety sucks. I don't care how Plasmodium reproduces, and pardon me for not caring if the cyst burts and releases a thousand seeds. Eh. And Sporangia has erect hyphae and on top of it there's Sporangiophores and the seeds burst. I don't even know if I'm correct. Who cares right now anyway.
  Well, that'll be enough rambling for a week to say atleast.
  Or maybe not.
  You know, thanks to CCE, it's just not enough to just know maths, you've got to be goddamn good at even freaking paper cutting. Screw you CCE. [It's becoming a rambling refrain]
  Do I have anything more to say?
  Not for the time being though, no.
  Tarun just asked me if I'd ever blown a balloon using my nose.
  I gave him a retarded look and went, 'What the fuck?'
  He also showed me a beautiful, and well, no exaggeration, GORGEOUS photo of our dear Mr. Kapil Sibbal.
  I've posed it below.

  P.S. It's gonna be recess in a while.

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What a wonderful way to utilise time!
Bentley ka kaam karte hain ab, saale! :-@

Haha, thik hai.
Kal pakka! :)