Behind A Happy Face

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She wore a happy face
But no one knew what lay behind...

The air felt heavy, the silence weighed it down.
He had to squint hard in the dim light to see,
And he was surprised, and shocked somehow too,
To see an array of Happy Faces...

All happy, none sad.
All superficial, all sickening.

He had not known then, that those were plastic faces..
Plastic faces with plastic smiles.
The real faces lay hidden,
Under lips curled into forced smiles
Pasted on a sheet of frigid white...

He had not known then, that it was their Ritual;

Their punishment; their crime;
Their heinous sacrimony to the unpleasant world
Where anger and happiness were duly accepted
But tears and guilt were not...

And he had not known then, that under one such etched smile
Lay a set of gorgeously carved eyes,
Searching for another pair, as unpleased and unhappy...

And she took off her mask in front of a set of Unknown Eyes,
For she saw that under them, the smile worn was genuine
And as she did pieces of flesh from her face came tearing out,
For she had worn the mask unbothered for too long

And then she cupped her face,
Her real face, with real flesh and real bones
With her real hands and started crying, 
As a set of Unknown Eyes watched...

She felt not as she thought she would,
As with her tears, she'd relinquished her sorrows
Into her World's Cauldron of Emotions,
Which had been left unstirred for long, too...

And a set of Unknown Eyes stood and stared,
As from her eyes, tears rolled down her face,
Dropping on the barren floor like little pearls,
The demons of Love and Care winning the war
Against the angels of Hatred and Anger...

But as the pearls fell, she felt the presence

Of another two sets of eyes...
The Lions of the jungle of her World...

And she put her mask back on,
Her face got cut in places,
And shards of her mask fell down
Cradled heartily with her own dark, red blood...

And as a set of Unknown Eyes watched,
She wore her happy face again
But no one else knew what lay behind...


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great expressions man!

I can.. Relate to this.. Nice

@Anonymous: Thanks! :)
@NGSquare: You relate to this! Cool! :D