The Zombie Apocalypse

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The zombies rose steady and fast
To plummet down the hill
And to eat the brains of living humans
Whom they'd without reluctance kill

Said Zombie Mark to Zombie Jack,
'Why fellow do you look so sore?'
'I don't know,' shot back Jack quick,
'I've never faced a gun before'

'Now don't you fear, Jack dear,'
Said Mark, 'Those humans have poor aim
'And even if we reach them without arms
'We'll enjoy them all the same'

And with this Mark marched on,
And so did Jack, through the grass
Many wells and lakes and empty houses
Did from under them pass...

They met with other troops and marched
As more houses came in to view
The humans were upto their necks in fear,
As the zombies sure weren't few...

Three rows next to his,
And standing seventh in line,
He someone he hadn't expected to
In such a terrible time

They delved further into the city
And the humans grew more close
Jack almost stopped as he had seen
The love of his life, his Rose...


He'd seen her first at a fair,
A red bow pinned to her head
And if he weren't already,
He was sure he would drop dead

He dreamt of her and sought to say
'Miss you're so pretty I have been smitten
'And here I have for you ma'am,
'A brutally murdered kitten'

But by the time he got the gift,
The miss was out of sight
And poor, miserable Jack was left
In a poor, miserable plight

He enjoyed the kitten by himself
But it wasn't as good as it could be
So he grabbed a golden watch from a human
For the miss to see...

He approached the miss with caution,
And she said her name was Rose,
And on receiving the watch from him,
Jack thought he was the one she chose

But Rose's hand was in Zombie Dave's
All touchy, close and intertwined,
And Jack's stone-cold heart broke into pieces
And he pined and pined and pined...

He still felt a lot for Rose, and with Dave
He thought to pick a bone
But for her happiness, he reconsidered
And left them both alone...


She looked the same with gritty teeth
And her skull was now without a bow
Somewhere on her way there,
It fell and was crushed by a toe

The alarm then, had grown deeper;
The humans came to attack
And amidst all the love and anger
Jack tried his best to not crack

The humans were in abundance, everywhere
There was now a commotion on land
And making his way through the bustling crowd
He could grab his Rose's hand

As if on cue, the commotion cleared
He was left with his Rose alone,
And her hand in his felt so warm,
It almost melted his bones

He wanted to confess his love
But the words he could not utter;
Instead came grunts an unformed syllables
And he was left in a recurring stutter...

Jack's bones broke off as Rose jumped afar,
And he had again failed to say,
So he cursed the human who had shot him
From a few metres away...

Rose attacked the human who had fired
As Jack then writhed in pain
He fired another as Rose tore his head
And ate up the human's brains

The shot hit Jack and off broke his head
And Jack then writhed in pain
Rose took no notice, and was rather busy
Gobbling down the human's brains...


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