Business Of Emotions

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How must I feel?
Tell me,
Oh Lord Of Feelings,
For I do not know how to feel

A tear would be
Too expressive; emotional
And shutting up,
Too immature...
Cursing blatantly would,
Again, be juvenile
While being unperturbed 
Would just be rude...

Would you care to tell me,
Oh Lord Of Feelings,
Why it is hard to justify
How one feels?
Sadness, euphoria and anxiety
All have their own causes
But how do you justify love?
Or extreme anger or hatred,
Be it for a lover, a dog, or a friend?

I don't know about you, pal
But it seems to be most strange
That there is no explanation
For what we tend to feel 
More often than the rest,
And for why I should,
In my right mind, 
Not think of the whole 
Business of emotions to be
A sham...

Trust me on this one, pal 
And chances are you wont,
When I say
I'd be happier than
What you'd be
If I stand corrected.

The blackboard of feelings. 


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Woah :O
This is so good ;)

Thankya, Fizz. :D