Hello Vectors!

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   I made new friends today. Well, it's been a long while I've been hanging with them and I still haven't figured if it's them who need my friendship or the other way round. Just in case you were wondering, they're called Vector and Scalar. One seems to be real simple(but isn't) and the other's a two-faced bitch. Both of them have products, too. A weird bunch, them dudes, really weird.
  To add to the misery of having made new friends that I'll probably have to remember for AT LEAST the next two years, my phone's battery attempted suicide. Which is just... sad. 
  Anyway, I'm still proud to say I did one thing in my holidays following the examinations that might ACTUALLY make a difference in my life: Studied Introduction To Vectors And Forces. That alone does make me happy. At least I'm freaking trying! I also started writing articles for Epigram Magazine, but the path I'm treading doesn't exactly have much to do with writing. I mean, yes if  you're talking weird Greek symbols, but otherwise, not really.
  So, yeah, other than that, nothing much. Just shit.
  I had a passionate discussion about Science with one of my bestest friends. He's a self-proclaimed atheist, and here's the conversation we had. (It's paraphrased)

Me: Dude, I went over the Physics Module. Some shit it is. 
Anish: I just returned from Physics tuition, man.
Me: Oh. Eleventh grade tuitions started already?
Anish: Yeah. 
Me: Oh. What did you study? Vectors?
Anish: Neh. Logarithms. It's not in the syllabus but they said it's important.
Me: Oh. Okay.
Anish: Numbers are now BOTH positive and negative.
Me: Nice. You know, Tighten Up by The Black Keys is going to be my anthem for the next
      two years.
Anish: Yeah? Why?
Me: Yeah. I'll sing, "I wanted love! I needed love! But I got Science instead!"
Anish: Haha. Yeah man. No wonder science students end up being hornier than the rest.
Me: I'll be able to vouch for that in exactly two years, man; so would you. And I don't 
      know if that's a good thing. 
Anish: True that. You know what? I wish God is real. 
Me: Why?
Anish: Because then, all science is wrong.
Me: Hmmm...
Anish: Think about scientists too, man! All of them must be rotting in hell.
Me: If hell's full of scientists, there's no way we're going there!
Anish: Haha! Let's hope. 

  We then discussed a little about Calculus, but mostly we discussed about how we were royally screwed. 
  Yeah, pretty much.
  I hope I have a happy tenure with Vectors, and Kinematics of Particles, Particles in Equilibrium and whatnot. And yes, Integration. I honestly hope I don't feel like disintegrating myself when I'm doing Integration. Jeez, I'd just rather do inflatable balloons. Okay, no, Integration sounds better.
  Hope I am alive this same day in 2013. But technically, it won't be the same day and... 

This has something to do with Kinematics. (O_o)


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AND Science finds another poor soul for slaughter! Best of luck with that mate! And don't commit the mistakes I did :/

Thanks for the luck. I sure as hell am gonna need it. And I hope to not make the mistakes that you did, but hope doesn't get you far enough. :/
Thanks for the concern anyway. You seem to know my plight! :)