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An old chap with the name of Darwin once said,
That humans evolved from monkeys
And I'd still say we haven't evolved just because
We can do things with greater ease

Humans - they jump when they're happy,
Cry when they're sad,
Kill others when they feel crazy
And break things when they're mad

They strive to become posh; polished,
Eat food with their knives and forks
But deep down in their heart
They want to use their hands just like dorks

Monkeys will never learn to recognize 
Themselves in a mirror, they say.
But when they take a look in the mirror, 
They sure do know all about themselves, don't they?

And when they don' get what they want,
Just like most primitive apes,
They say they never did, and
Dismiss them as being sour grapes

Monkeys sink into a foetus-like position
When they're having lice or sucking on cherries
And how different are we from them
When we're engrossed in our blackberries?

It's ignorant to say men are better than monkeys
For they too play their parts
And monkeys, I say are much cooler 'cause 
They don't hold grudges in their hearts

Scientifically though we might've evolved,
But at the end we're just the same
Because years have passed and when at fault,
We still refuse to take the blame.


  The guys at Epigram Magazine published this. You can read this, and other poems here. Browse through their website, you'll find much more than just poems(read: Humour, Photographs, Lists et al). Have fun reading. :)

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