Stoichiometry And Other Weird Sounding Words

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   Science, science, science. Yes, it does take a toll on you. It took a toll on me along with the pen that I was writing with. :/
   Stoichiometry sounds weird right? I still haven't figured how to pronounce it correctly. Is it staw-she-o-metry or stowa-kee-o-metry? The first one sounds cooler so that's how I say it. But it's the world of science, the infinite, infinite world of science, so how you pronounce something is irrelevent in comparison to its relevence. If the scientists had their way, there'd probably only one language in this world, and all its letters would be weird greek symbols. Not alphabets, mind you. Symbols.
   Anyhow, Molarity is actually a stoichiometric concept. For one you'd think it's just, 'Morality,' misspelt, but no. And to top it off, there's ANOTHER stoichiometric concept, which I fondly refer to as the brother of Molarity, called Molality. One might think it is just, again, 'Morality,' misspelt; like with an 'l' instead of an 'r', but NO! Moving on, there's yet another stoichiometric concept, which I refer to as the elder brother to both Molarity and Molality, called Normality. This is the least wierdest sounding stoichiometric concept (there's mole fraction, mass fraction and mass percentage too, but they're like litte kids compared to these). And why wouldn't it be? For one, it's called, 'Normality,' and any instance of it sounding 'not-normal' would be ironic.
   Moving further on, acids have a property called basicity and bases have a property called acidity. No, you did NOT misread. All ACIDS have a property called BASICITY and all BASES have a property called ACIDITY. This right here, folks, is one of the reasons why science is paradoxical. Not theoretically as much as literally, but still. And now for the funniest thing I read that's been stuck in my head for a while and will be for a long time to come because it just is THAT FUNNY:

For a mono-basic acid and a mono-acidic base, Normality = Molarity.
   Well, it's probably not THAT FUNNY. But still. It's paradoxical and there's this thing with normality and molarity and... well, it probably isn't even funny at all. But you see what we science students have to live with? Do you now understand the plight of the science student? This is a bit too dramatized, this whole science student deal, but it is fun nonetheless. But if that above statement made sense to you, then it's no freaking big deal because this stuff is just basic. I mean, easy.
   And now treading the horrifying paths of Physics, guess what is the weirdest sounding term I've encountered lately? Viscosity. It sounds like the name of an Egyptian God, or maybe Greek, I'm not that bright mythologically speaking. And it is denoted by η (Eta, pronounced ee-ta). Now, Eta is like the estranged daughter of Viscosity and she has a distant brother who goes by the symbol θ (yes, you guessed it! Theta!) And the only reason why Eta is denoted by an 'n' with a longer stem and Theta by a circle with a halfway cut is because, well, they're distant siblings. They seperated when they were really young. Over time, Eta grew up to be much more cooler than Theta, hence the cooler symbol.

The awesomeness of Viscocity.

   Science can be fun too, ya know.
   I finished an assignment on stoichiometry before I typed this out, so I DO NOT FEEL GUILTY NOW! YAY! :D

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