Let's Hope The Next One's Better

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   I thought what matters in life is what people do with it and not how many marks they score. Apparently, that isn't the case.
  I'm probably saying that because I got 12 on 25 in a Physics paper that I thought had went well, but it still is true. I realized it a long time ago, back in the tenth grade, but I try and keep such rebellious thoughts out of my head. I'm just another pawn in an army, anyway. Another brick in the wall.
  And the aforementioned Physics paper really was easy. It was a MATHS paper for all I care. And the thing with my maths is that, well, I'm not really good at calculations. So I messed up the paper by about 13 marks. All calculation errors. Seriously. And with our Physics teacher screaming, 'Bete! Time up ho gaya! Paper de do!' it's kind of hard to focus. You probably don't even believe me now, but that's cool; I wouldn't believe a lonely, cynical blogger if he said something like that. 
  And again, I'll try and move on, and try and focus on the 'greener side of the field' which is only greener because sunlight reaches it (that's the only possible explanation that I conjured up). But I don't understand the deal with moving on. It doesn't make sense to me, most of it. But eh, I'm still not over that one girl who refused to go out with me because I didn't give her a card with the flowers way back in the third gradeso I don't really think I have much of a scope of moving on over my very first only-Physics unit test fiasco.
   But there's one thing that has always helped me. Not so much in reality as it has psychologically, because psychological mindplay is that one cushion most people rest their heads on. Whenever something ends really badly, I sigh and whisper to myself slowly, 'Let's hope the next one's better'
  My girlfriend ends the relationship we've been in for about a year by tearing my clothes off and then threatening to bite me like a dog. And I tell myself, 'Let's hope the next one's better'
  My bus driver starts hurling abuses at some driver on the street and he shouts so much, one of his lungs bursts (like the nightingale in Frog and the Nightingale!) and then he's taken away on a stretcher. And I say to myself, 'Let's hope the next one's better'
  I'm walking on the street and the sky is making weird noises and the ground is cracking and I realize that the world is coming to an end. So I say to myself, 'Let's hope the next one's better' 
  And all of that is, of course, is preceded by a sigh.
  How much you score in a physics test doesn't really matter because, all in all, you're just another brick in the wall.
  Quite the time to get philosophical right? *evil grin*
 1 - You really think that happened!? Jesus!

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Haha. Just tell me how much you got :D

12 on 25 in Physics and 18 on 20 in Chemistry. :D