Your Callipygian Frame

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Your Callipygian Frame

Did I say your callipygian frame,
Could put many women to shame?
Women who have worked hard for years,
On the arcs of their derrières.

Though this praise may be aesthetic,
I will not be apologetic:
The rest of you is just as nice,
And could equally as well, entice.

I just wish you would with your grace,
Leave me stumped with a gaping face—
But would you succeed if you did try?
There's not much that I can judge you by.

And saddening though that may be,
Someday I hope I know more of thee;
Till then timid glances would suffice—
The rest of you is just as nice.

(Though I should not be put to blame,
If found ogling your callipygian frame.)


Cal·li·pyg·ian [kal-uh-pij-ee-uhn] adj: Having beautifully round and well-shaped buttocks.

Now read it again.

Hat tip to Mayank Gulati for making me aware of the existence of such a word.
Thanks, buddy.

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