The Lesser Valued Friendships

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The Lesser Valued Friendships

I made friends
With the lonely corridor
On the first floor
At the far end
Of which I would stand
Sometimes and
Watch the others
Walk around everywhere,
Very busily,
And the little
Cuboid of cement
Beside the little kid’s
Computer lab,
Which I used to sit on
And play guitar
And just be
By myself, because
No one would
Come looking for me
I also remember
The green circle table
In the library, almost
Between two shelves
Full of books,
Where I wrote one
Of my longest poems.

I also got to know
The huge tree
Behind the grey school wall:
I stared at it during classes
When I felt bored, and
Its leaves fluttered.
There was also
The brick that peered
From a defaced
In that wall,
And the huge white
That I used to hide
Behind while
Playing hide and seek.
And then the stairs
That led into
And out of
The auditorium –
Both the flights
At different ends –
With a slope
On the other side
From the railings
Of which,
I would slide down
From time to time.
And then the
Steps of the foyer…
There are too many
Of them to recall,
Each a friend of mine,
In some unspoken way.

I am glad
I could cherish
These less acknowledged,
Lesser valued friendships,
For however short
A time, because
I don’t think I’ll ever
Find friends like these

But thanks to
The security guards
Patrolling around
My friends,
If someone like me
Were to find
Themselves in need
Of some quiet space
To be themselves,
Or to sort things out
Inside their head,
My friends
Will not be able
To come to their rescue
As they did for mine.

Now that I am leaving
I do not think
I will be seeing them
For a long time to come.
But if you can get inside
The school gate,
Get past the
Worthless security guards
That roam around,
And see my friends,
Do not hesitate to tell them
I said hi;
I have a feeling
They might
Like to know I was
Thinking about them.

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