Overdosing Again

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  The past few weeks have been fucking crazy. Really crazy. And not in a 'I had sex with 5 chicks in 3 days' way.
  I don't think I'm in that place where I 'hate' science anymore. I've started accepting it's something I have to live with for the next 2 years of my life (if not more). What I don't like about it is that it takes up too much of my time, and I still don't get results. It's probably understandable, the fact that I have to keep convincing myself I belong somewhere far away from the harrowing corridors of Vidyamandir, that I'm much more than an another run-of-the-mill science student. Let's just hope it's true for now, 'cause if it isn't, living life's going to get a hell of a lot tougher; as if it isn't enough, already.
  I recently got a rather copious dose of inspiration from a rather pretty lady I hadn't ever met before in my life, but I'll get to that in a while.
  Moving on to greener pastures, I've started playing guitar more frequently now. The other day, I went and jammed with the school people in the zero-period; it wasn't anything great, but good enough. Since then, we've started playing more regularly (pretty much everyday) and it's great. That feeling I get when the band launches into the last solo of Comfortably Numb - and when I play it in its entirety, and then some - is pretty inexplicable. I really wish we could play it in the upcoming competitions, but apparently it isn't 'peppy' enough; like these fucks don't even WANT to listen to anything that sounds good. Freaking commercial clowns. And isn't doing something worthwhile just good enough because it IS worthwhile? Why's everybody so obsessed with winning? I thought it wasn't about winning. I should stop thinking.
  But hey, we're doing another great song. Not as great as Comfortably Numb, though, but great enough for something 'peppy' and something the whole band can have fun playing (and I can show off my guitar chops).
  Ah, yes, speaking of Floyd - i've been listening to them a lot these past few weeks; exactly like I was the weeks before it. There's others too. I'm absolutely in love with both Norah Jones and Radiohead. Pretty varied, I know; one's contemporary jazz, the other's alternative. But hey, they're both great. You ought to listen to them.
  And yes, I've been overdosing on Floyd, Radiohead, and Norah Jones again. As well as Kinematics, Vectors, Stoichiometry, Gas laws, Quadratic Inequations and Trigonometry. Eh.

I went to the birthday party of this girl I know from school. She's awesome. She's bengali too, and we're like family now. Her birthday party was awesome, I loved it; and even though I had to study Vectors for two hours right after I came back from there (at 10.30), I don't regret going there one bit.
  There was a surprise gift her family'd planned for her. It was so sweet I could almost feel my heart melt away even though it wasn't for me. Okay, uh, that was abstract. But you wouldn't know - you weren't there. And if you were, you know just what I'm talking about.
  Her elder brother's really awesome too. He's a graphic designer. How cool are graphic designers? They're epic, right?
  He approached me, and we talked for a bit. He told me I didn't look I was happy with my life. So I told him I wasn't. *happy smiley*
  He then asked me what stream I'd taken, and when I said science, he said in a jiffy, 'Dude, you're screwed!'
  That's what I like about being a science student - our plight is universally acknowledged. That's more than what you can say about the other streams; the students could literally be working their asses off, but who'd believe that? Not me.
Ah, yes, science.
  So there was this really pretty chick who'd come to the party. I mean, yeah, pretty. In a totally nonsexual way. You can just say chicks are pretty right? That never was a crime. Besides, I didn't stare at her obnoxiously, neither did I incessantly ogle at her with drool dripping from my mouth; so I'd go so far as to say I didn't act in an objectionable manner.
  So yes, this girl says something about not studying law because she really likes Physics and Chemistry. What shit was that? A girl that pretty actually liked science? Of course I didn't believe her! My eyes didn't work in accordance with my ears. There was clearly something wrong. So I confirmed. Yes, she really was a science student. Non-med. Just like me.
  I spent the next ten minutes trying to keep a straight face. I might've failed though, I was thinking too hard.
  So ultimately, I thought, This girl likes science? Eh, I might as well try, too.

  Talk about motivation.


I head this song thrice while typing this. You should DEFINITELY check this out.

She should never have written such beautiful lyrics.
Hurts the heart, a bit.

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