Musical Medication

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  Life is a brutal, brutal bitch. And it kills me every time I have to think of going through it without something sacred, something soothing, something numbing, something... Heck, I'll just cut all the crap, right now. I might be in a mood to write like that, but I have a chemistry unit tomorrow; and I'm pretty sure I won't be scoring any good, so yeah, whatever. Screw it.
  So yes, life gives you lots of lemons (going by the multitude of quotes that revolve around the very idea), happiness, sadness and pain. And when you're feeling diseased - technically, it just means, to be not at ease - life's always kind enough to throw you tons of musical medication: if only you accept it.
  I've discovered tons of great music recently, and because I love sharing awesome stuff I've discovered (and also because teens these days have a despicable taste when it comes to music; and I mean that in the most scrutinizing way possible), I'll be posting some it here. Awesomeness, right? Music is awesome. Awesome music is awesomer. I'm abusing the word awesome too. How awesome is that? 
  Oh, oh, oh, this is also due because it'd be a sin to not be sharing music this good. Really.
  Eh. I'm not good with self obsession anyway; once I saw the phone of this one girl, and its wallpaper was a picture of herself, and I thought, 'Man, if I had to look at myself that often, I'd just die.' (No offence related to these girls, by the way; I do things that might freak them out too [like using square brackets inside regular brackets]).
  So yeah, none of that self-obsessed crap with me. I hate myself, for the most part, anyway.
  Okay. So here - like I said - awesome music. And I've posted most of the videos with lyrics, because they just are that bloody awesome too. 

  Norah Jones
  Come Away With Me
  What Am I To You?
  Cold, Cold Heart

   Sinkin' Soon

  Damien Rice
  His band features a cellist and a totally freakin' awesome female vocalist, too. Her name is Lisa Hannigan, and her voice is so bloody good if I were a voice I'd totally be unconditionally infatuated with her.

  The Blower's Daughter


    9 Crimes


  That should keep you busy for a while. Me too.
  I had to restrict myself to only 4 songs per artist because I thought 5 would be too much for inexperienced ears to handle. I mean, seriously, that'll be a lot of eargasms; it takes experience to handle just one at a time.
  Besides, there's plenty more. Porcupine Tree, more Radiohead, more Coldplay (re-discovery, this), and a lot more. I mostly have my friends to thank for, for all this. They're really awesome too.
  There is also freaking tons I have to write still. And hopefully, I will, once I get to breathe; science isn't letting me.
  Gotta go study. Or sleep. Or maybe listen to more music.
  Adios, hombres.

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