Damn You Xth Grade!!!

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What happens when you score 20/20 on your Maths Unit Test? You celebrate? - No. You bust your ass and work harder for the next one, of course. And to add to that, you get your ass busted by those who didn't score 20/20.

It's been over a goddamned month and I haven't had the time to write. Screw you Xth Grade! You're making me sad, and angry, and dejected, and pissed - all at the same time. I didn't even know I could feel all of that at one time. It sucks. It' a downward spiral - and goddammit I don't care if the circles are concentric!

It's literally impossible for me to be paying attention in class all the time. Why should I anyway? Geography? Should I fucking care if the winds are blowing from south to north or east to west? Should I care if there's bhangar nodules in black alluvial soil? I'm sorry, I have tried. And I have failed - repeatedly. Over and over again.

My parents keep telling me not to waste this time, these years. They say it can either make you or break you. I say I've been broken way before all of it even started. But that doesn't matter - I'll sacrifice a little. After all, if you don't make sacrifices, you'll never be a true man. Not to me atleast. All this stuff about being an engineer and studying science and scoring marks and doing this and doing that is eventually gonna make me crazy. They're gonna have to move me. The men in white coats will take me away.

And, my guitar. It just lies there - the dust feeding on it, on it's strings. Nobody can see it, but I do. It cries, wanting to be held, to be felt. And I? I drown myself in my books.

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You're SO ridiculously frustrated. It's not even FUNNY.
But that's cool, man xD
Nope, I won't rant on abt Geography/..Coz I kinda happen. to *LOVE* the subject. You're such a bitch no.
Nice...somewhere you rant about thoughts.
But this can be somewhere where you actually put ur thoughts into mature words..
Try, you retard,
I know you have it in you :)
Bitchily yours,
P.S: ^Im so awesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

I don't wanna be mature man. Everybody's so mature. I'd rather be mad, crazy, retarded, and in short, more fun, than mature people. I'll try writing mature stuff, but that'll only come when i feel like it, and i'm not all screwed up inside. Let hope that happens and you know what? I'll rant a lot here man! Ranting is FUN!

Yeah, You Are A Bitch. No doubting that!