FIFA Fever

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It's probably the finals of FIFA World Cup 2010 tomorrow. And I do not REALLY care who wins. I'm neither Netherlands nor Spain. Reason? I'm oblivious, or as my friends say, ignorant - blissfully at that. I personally have never cared enough to watch even a single match of football in its entirety. Why? Who knows, maybe I'm too freaking lazy to wait for the ball to go into the goal. Frankly though, it's not that I hate it. If I don't like something, it doesn't mean it sucks right? I respect all of my friends who choose to watch it, and at times, even support them. I was thinking about having a sleepover at my friend's place so that we could watch the game - it starts at 12 am IST - but then, there's school the following day. Ugh! School... so incredibly fun yet terribly tortuous at the same time. How can such a place even exist? Changing topics there! Anyhow, I guess Spain is gonna win. Yes - I am only saying that because I've heard the country's name being said more than Netherlands. Who cares anyway? You might, but not me. No offence intended though, football isn't bad. People keep calling me an asshole for not liking football and it is completely foolish of them to do so. I never said football sucked! Not everybody in the world appreciates rain, people! Grow up!

[That being said - First Blog Post. Nice.]