The Alley...

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  Adèle Blanc stared blankly at the man in front of her and speculated what she would do in the next half a minute. She knew she had to act fast, and that time wasn't on her side then. The man grunted and charged towards her. She mustered up all the courage she had and kicked him - in the crotch. He winced, and let out a cry that gave Adèle goosebumps. The hair on the back of her neck stood up.

  She knew she had bought herself another few seconds on the clock, but she knew only too well, that it just wouldn't stop ticking.

  She took out her gun.

  Every inch of her shivered as she pulled it out from her waist. The cold steel made her weak. The nerves at the end of her fingers seemed to have died. And the gun: It felt heavy, too much for her to carry. It took her a Herculean effort to be holding it.

  The man was struggling to get up. A puny kick to his crotch wasn't going to stop him, for sure.

  She curled her index finger around the trigger.

  The man got up. He looked at Adèle, his look one of pure disgust, his eyes flashing hatred; his smile diabolical. He saw Adèle standing in front of him, holding a gun. A tiny young girl is going to hurt me now, he thought mockingly. His lips curled into an infernal, hellish smile. Adèle couldn't look at him anymore. She closed her eyes.

  And fired.

  The bullet came tearing out of the gun. The noise was deafening. The recoil was constraining. The bullet had hit him straight in the heart. The man fell on his back, blood spurting from his wound. He took his last breath.

  Adèle didn't realize how fast it had happened. It took a moment for the situation to sink in. Tears formed in her eyes, and she bit her lip to control the sudden outburst of emotion. Her hand was now numb, and she lost sensation of her fingers, her hands, her body. And yet, she was still holding the gun.

  She flung the gun in whichever direction her hands permitted her to. Then, she quietly made her way behind a car, sat down, and started sobbing.

  She never wanted any of this to happen. She always wanted to be a simple girl... living a simple life. The sudden change of events that had taken place in her life were too much for her to handle. She wanted a sedative... a pacifier. She'd never imagined herself doing this. She saw blood all over her hands, she saw sin. She wanted to wash it all away, to forget all of this. She wanted to be innocent again. She wasn't a killer was she? Was she?

  The men who had brought her to do this were now gathering in front of her. The man with the cane, who she assumed was their leader, was standing in the center. He came up to her and offered her his hand. 'Come,' he said. 'You've had your first visitor in hell. We all welcome you.' She didn't want to take his hand, but she was too shaken up to even bother who the man was. 'Remember though,' he added. 'These are the streets. You don't win battles here... you survive them...'


This is the first of three stories that I have been 'Challenged' to write by Remya Raj. They must be different and varied and unrelated to each other. And they cannot be about dating girls or anything. And so my first attempt. [This btw, I might expand on... but exams are starting. That's no reason though, the real reason being I'm lazy :D]

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Some of those lines of yours, man...
" She knew she had bought herself another few seconds on the clock, but she knew only too well, that it just wouldn't stop ticking."
" 'These are the streets. You don't win battles here... you survive them...'"
And the concept.
And this is supposed to be your second piece.

This is just one. Two more to go, bitch.

Aaayiieee Bitch! Thanku!
Yeah. Technically my second piece. But whatever man, you write like 20k pieces a month. I write one :P
And the concept isn't really very original though...
And yup. Working pretty freaking hard on the other two. Screw the exams! :X

Mantaaaaaaaaa! FUCK. That was NICE.
Dude shit mayyuun. That last line.. "are the streets. You don't win battles here... you survive them...". I mean, seriously, is this coming from the freak brother I scream "Dipshaaaiittss" with in the corridors?!

Manta, you're good man,
waiting for more, dipshit. Make it quick!
Much love,
-retarded sister.

SRIMANTA MITRA!!!!!!!! This is GREAT!! Especially the last linee. It was KILLER!!!
And, Put up the NERD STORY && the Fossil Fuel Story up!!! I WANT TO READ IT!!!
Damn,I regret not seeing this earlier! They're FAB!

@Retarded Sees:
Thanks a ton, as usual. I don't believe you actually like it. I don't like it at all. Not one bit. Seriously. What the hell is wrong with me? :X

I'll put the nerd story up after I've got my marks just to illustrate how influential my nerd friends are :)
And well, at least you did see them!